CETME rifles-any good?

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    I noticed that some places are now selling surplus CETME rifles for under $300. Are these rifles any good? Anyone have any experience with them? Am I correct in thinking that these are pretty much H&K's? I was hoping to get a nice .308 plinker and this fits the bill. Especially at $300. But I don't want to waste my money if these are junk. Was considering a L1A1, but they are considerably more. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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    Had one for about a year and a half...make sure you check it's function(action) before you buy...and know they are loud!!!...Yes, I would buy another one!!!...and will...
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    My cousin has CETME that I have shot several times. It is a really cool, nice shooting rifle for the money. It ain't an FN FAL, but hey, it cost $275!

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    Apr 2, 2003
    WARPIG, The American Rifleman in this months issue has a test report on the CETME, sold by Century Arms. The report was very favorable. They were getting groups of 2.6 inches at 100 yards with the iron sights. A claw type scope mount is available as an option. The HK rifles are a direct decendant of the CETME. Both have the double roller locking bolt and fluted chambers. The fluted chamber does not harm the brass for reloading, but it does get the brass very dirty. A friend of mine bought an HK and reloaded it with no problems, case life was good. Tumble the brass and ignore the grooves!
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    They're o.k.!...

    Sold this one last year after having it, and shooting it for a little over a year...feller wanted it more than I did...(Shhh...I also knew the prices on em was droppin)...;)

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