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Rich in Lincoln
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(5/3/02 3:03:07 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Changing the barrel on a Ruger Blackhawk

I'm getting a Ruger Blackhawk with 2 Barrels, a 2" and a 7.5". Although I have worked on lots of gun problems (I have a complete machine shop and have dabbled in custom parts), but I have never switched out a Ruger revolver barrel. How easily interchangeable are they? Are their any pitfalls in doing this? I assume you would need a special barrel wrench. Can anyone tell me the procedure? I'm sure I could look this information up, but I thought I would give the forum the first shot. Thanks for your help.

*TFF Senior Staff*
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(5/3/02 3:59:05 pm)
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Re: Changing the barrel on a Ruger Blackhawk

Oh well. Anyway, it does not require a barrel wrench, its a frame wrench. The barrel is secured into a solid bench vise (with non-marring jaws or, ideally, a drilled split block for that barrel) then the frame is turned off the barrel with a special wrench. Note: some people make the mistake of putting a hammer handle or something similar into the frame window and torqueing the frame off. That will spring the frame, every time.

Obviously, the gun must be stripped down to the frame and barrel first. Once the original barrel is off, it's a good idea to chase the barrel threads. Pay attention to the barrel/cylinder gap when reinstalling, and it's also a good idea to mark TDC on the frame shoulder and the barrel shoulder to use as an index mark.

Definitely do not try to do this job without the correct tooling. It technically could be done, but you stand a huge risk of trashing the frame.
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