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    I did not know where to put this so here it is.

    This time every year I give a little to mine and the wife's charity. We give what we can to the Disabled Veterans of America and to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. It is not a lot but we do what we can. We do this a few times during the year. We used to give some to the HSUS but stopped when we learned less than 1% goes to the local shelters. Tomorrow I believe we will buy a large bag of dog food and a large bag of cat food for our county animal shelter.

    I hope that every one that is able too will donate a little to a favorite charity especially this time of year. Even if it is just throwing a little change into the Salvation Army kettles outside of a business you solicit.

    May you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. God bless you all.
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    We support the IFCJ (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews) and the Salvation Army throughout the year, but always give something extra this time of year to those two, and sometimes to others as well.

    But MAN are you right about watching how much of what you give actually gets to the people in need! For domestic charities, the Salvation Army does VERY well in this regard. Heck, the guy who RUNS the outfit only draws 13 K a year!! Compare that to the Red Cross, where the director knocks down a HALF MILLION A YEAR in sallary alone!

    Then there is this little church in Tennessee where the pastor draws no salary at all - -
    And the penny pinching treasurer won't even give him gas money when he mows the lawn!!

    (LOL!!! I am that pastor, my wife is the treasurer, and I kid her about this all the time!)

    But you sure are right, Jacksonco -
    While important ALL the time, charity work is especially important during the Christmas season -

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    I refuse to give to any charity unless 100% of my donation goes to who it is intended. If not, it's a business and like any other business I expect to get some benefit from it. A true charitable donation should have no strings attached.
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    No offense, but if you give to charity and expect some 'benefit', yer doin it all wrong.

    "A true charitable donation should have no strings attached".

    Wouldn't 'your' benefit be a string?:confused:

    Salvation Army, NW Harvest, and Childrens Hospital. And TFF of course.