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  1. macwoodz

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    I have a Charles Daly Miroku O/U 12 ga. shotgun, it has fixed skeet and skeet chokes, serial 372017. it has 26 in barrels and round knob on stock like Browning Superposed also hand engraving. How old is it,whats it worth wood and bluing is 95%,also can I shoot steel shot since its skeet and skeet chokes thanks macwoodz
  2. Oneida Steve

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    Sep 28, 2006
    Upstate NY
    We've had a few of these before on TFF. Your gun looks like a Browning because Miroku made the Browning Citori and other shotguns for Browning.

    These guns usually sell for about $600 - $800. I think a moderate diet of steel shot would be OK, but Sk/Sk choked shotguns are not really ideal for waterfowl hunting.

    I believe your gun was made in the 1970's.

  3. muddober

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    Sep 19, 2008
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    I would not shoot steel shot at all as it could ruin your gun and I would even go farther than Oneida Steve said by stating that a skeet choked gun would be almost useless for waterfowel hunting especially if you were using steel shot. I think that they stopped importing your gun in about 1976 when Miroku started contracting with Browning to build the Citori. In my view your gun was and still is one of the best buys on the market. They are a very fine gun and it would be a shame to take a chance shooting steel shot through it.
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  4. macwoodz

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    I hunt ponds and beaverdams long shoots are 25 yds. so a skeet choke is what I need. Also go into more detail why steel would ruin my barrels thanks macwoodz
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