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Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by ysacres, Mar 7, 2003.

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    ahhh tax time, that beautiful season is here agian. I will be buying a new gun on monday, and went preshopping today. got to thinking I need a 1911 to play with. This will be my first 1911 to work on myself and I don't wanna drop 800+ for a kimber only to screw it up self smithing. Is the Daly gonna be worth dropping 425? Or are they complete piles O crap?
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    I've read and heard different things on the Daly's.When I hear
    as many pros and cons,I go to one sorce that has helped me
    in deciding on a gun.This is called "Gun Tests".This is a group
    of folks who take any number of weapons and do a review on
    the performance of the weapon.I remember reading that they
    tested a Charles Daly 45.I don't recall what model but I will
    look in my back issues and look it up.I can only say they had
    problems with this gun.If you can look up their web
    site. may allow you to view their
    take on the gun.I understand how the bug has bitten.Some
    times you'll see a deal on a Colt.Have you considered a used
    1911 ? I believe that "Antique Dealer" might be able to help.

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    Alpha, the Charles Daly is a good base 1911 to start with. I have a few friends who shoot them. The early pistols had feed problems. Mostly mag related. The quality of the newer CD 1911's is better. I just sold one for $390 and should have another Friday. You may want to consider this one.

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    yep, what Shooter45 saz

    of course you can do what I did... spend the $800.+ for what you want