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Check out this ZIP gun

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Not really a "ZIP GUN" but neat.
That's the weirdest 22lr pistol I've ever seen. What the heck are those two wings over the barrel supposed to do?
What is the intended market? I can't see it as a trail gun or pinker. Zombie killer? they require a heavier bullet. It sure isn't a concealed carry. I am interested in the Double Tap, but that thing, don't know, unless I just wanted a very odd gun to play with:eek:
Kind of looks like a wierd cigarette lighter. Bet that would cure smoking. Pretty well made for a zip-gun.
From looking at it, the barrel is in line with wrist, recoil would be straight back, would it have less felt recoil?
I'd buy one just for the novelty of it :)
I'd buy one just for the novelty of it :)
Same here.
Donnie D
Made by U.S. Firearms' Zipfactory in Hartford, Conn., the ZiP is far removed from the hand-made, case-hardened .45 Long Colt single action revolvers they've built their name on. The ZiP is a polymer-framed semi-automatic pistol that's compatible with Ruger 10/22 magazines. ......

.....Best of all is probably the price. This pistol, depending on whether they decide to include a mag or not, will have an MSRP of either $200 or $220. That's approaching stocking-stuffer territory, especially if the real-world prices are lower. ........

That's different unless I'm a novelty collector for $200-220 I'd probably pass and put the money toward a real gun, even used.
If it uses a 10-22 magazine then it is wider than it looks. Don't know, if it is accurate then it might be fun to play with, heck, it really isn't any weirder than a Russian Nagant pistol and I have one of those that I shoot once in while. I would have to hold one in my hands and see how it feels, I'm really spoiled by my Model 63 and 18. Bottom line, it would have to accurate to hold my attention.:)
Bought one...MISTAKE...Did NOT Work...jammed up every time ...dangerous gun!!Sent it back for repairs....GONE>>>>...Zip factory phone disconnected...It has my Ruger 10/22 mag in it also....GONE....IF anyone out there has any ideas where to turn, Im out $255.00 AND the gun and mag...The factory sent FED-EX here to pick it up in JUNE for repairs...not another word since!!...please help!!
ugh! keep us posted on this! and good luck!

last show i was at i saw those.

Wow. This is a very old thread. Where have you been all this time, autoall? Joined almost three years ago and only posted twice???

Dunno. The website seems to be active.
Amazon seems to be selling accessories, and there is a notice about ammunition dated 8-20-2013.
Old thread... and yes i have one in my Collection and mine works. Unusual pistol. But they are not for everybody.
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