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    Living in a collage town for 40 years, I have seen alot of people from other places here to visit for study and for work. I'm also familure with trends in some areas of grants for scientific research. Some of my friends visit Red China now and then. What I hear does not make me happy.... about the United States.

    Unlike the US, Red China is investing heavily in education and infrastructure. At one time, visiting Chinese (and Indian) collage students and scientists tried to do whatever they could to stay in the U.S. Now, more and more of them plan to go back to China. Why? because there are more jobs in China and the quality of life is alot better! It was even explained to me that on many levels Chinese technology is better than American.

    Americans visiting China are telling me about the wonders of technology they are seeing over there!

    U.S. scientific grants used to have restrictions regarding corporations and the use of foriegn scholars to do the research. Those restrictions are history. Corporations are getting more and more US grant money and they use cheap Chinese graduate students to do the work (the grant money becomes a profit center for the corporation). But then the Chinese graduate students take all of their skills and everything they learned back to China.

    After an American gets a PhD, it's often hard to find work. The American PhD must compete with inexpensive graduate students from places like China and India for work. The result is that less and less Americans are going for PhD's in science.

    Think about all of the above and ask yourself, what will the U.S.A be like in the next 20 years?
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    Probably viewed with distain... AND spoken about in SPANISH..... :mad:


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    Wouldn't say that's totally true. One of my co-worker's wives is Chinese and one thing she hated about China was that you're only allowed to have one kid.

    Agreed there.
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    What he said
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