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Chinese Ammo watch out....

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I got this as a email,

First it was baby formula, then pet food, but now you should watch out when buying bright, shiny ammunition from China .

A guy came into the police department the other day to ask a favor. He had an S&W 629 (.44 Mag) that he wanted to dispose of after a mishap at the range. He said there was a loud bang when he tested his new ammo (Chinese made), and the gun smacked him in the forehead, leaving a nice gash. When the tweety birds cleared from around his head, the pictures show what he saw.

Bet he never uses Chinese made ammo again!

Looks like when the round in the chamber went off, it also set off at least two other rounds in adjacent cylinders. I would have hated to been the one that pulled the trigger on that one!

A really good reason for not buying cheap ammunition from China.
They are proving the statement “You get what you pay for” to be true
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Thanks for the heads up. Fortunately I don't buy any ammo except rimfire and shotgun. I reload everything I shoot.
Those photos have been circulating around the internet for several years now. When first published they had NO connection to 'Chinese" ammo but rather bad reloads.
Wow, I just got them today as a email. If that's the fact I'm sorry for posting bad old news.
I got these same photos a year or so back concerning reloading.... I don't remember the specifics. Like RandyP, it had nothing to do with Chinese ammo... But as you know... "they can't put anything on the internet that isn't true"... So this must be true...
And I am a French model - bon jour!

i've seen it too.

also.. with the top strap exploded like that. how in the heck did the gun fly UP and hit him in the forehead.. it should have blown down and hit the table at the range or beat him in the nads..

typical bad internet info...
The first time I saw this was several years back, and the article chided the gun owner because he was making HOT loads and it cost him his gun. I have NEVER seen Chinese ammunition, but I don't shoot weird calibers either.
I, too, saw this sime time ago; credited to a full case of bullseye, IIRC.

And I am a French model - bon jour!

Yep, Old story about an overpressure reload.
That is the second .44 mag I've seen with the cylinder blown apart. The first was in the late 60's when a friend of mine that considered himself a real hot shot (pun intended) over loaded his .44 mag. He used to brag about how hot his loads were until he blew his Ruger super Blackhawk .44 magnum apart.

His looked similar to the one in the picture except one whole side of the cylinder was gone. The top did not blow completely off, it was still attached but just barely. That scared him so bad that he quit reloading.
did he use more powder.. or some sort of extra crimp for more pressure before bullet movement?
He overloaded it. He did that with all his loads and thought he was cool. He used to load 12 ga 2-3/4 shells with a 3" or even a 3-1/2" load of powder. His Browning A5 12 ga stock was split at the receiver from the overloads.

When his .44 mag blew up he quit reloading or hunting. I don't think I or any of our mutual friends saw him more than two or three times after that he just dropped out completely. We used to hunt and/or fish together just about every weekend, but he just quit.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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