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    Bought the youngun a new Remington Express Youth 20 ga. has a 21" VR barrel and came with a modified tube have since found an IC (20 ga is hard to find around here) the question is for a full or extra full for turkey stick with Remington or an aftermarket choke? if aftermarket which one?

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    I would just stick with Remmington and keep things simple. Check out Cabelas for the prices on the after market tubes. They are spendy compared to the gun manufacturers.

    Iv'e shot all me turkeys with improved cylinder, I might go down to a mod. But I have never seen the reason for the super full stuff.

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    Fredneck, I agree. Stay with Remington, we have a 1100 youth 20ga. that is used at the river for squirrel hunting, VR 21" with a modified tube, never fails to smoke a squirrel out to 40 yards, never thought it would do it, boy it does it. I would pattern it before switching chokes, I don`t know what`s up with that short barrel, but it sure throws a great pattern. LTS
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    That's what I used to like about my TrueChoke on my 870...I had a Cylinder (just to protect the threads with buck and slugs), a Skeet II, and an Improved Modified tube. They went Cyl. Skeet I, Imp. Cyl., Skeet II, Mod., Imp. Mod., Full, and Ex. Full...

    The Skeet II was great on Grouse, the Imp. Mod. I used for high squirrels, and Pheasants...
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