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(5/11/01 9:34:43 pm)
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Has anybody heard of the troops moving from Ft. Scott Ks to Springfield and the battles at Wilson's Creek. losing some of their cannons and Field art. inthe river bottoms west of Nevada, MO, Between Ft. Scott and Nevada? I thought that a professor told me that there were a significant of pieces lost near here. Another friend into re-enactments wanted to try and find them, and asked me about the area. This was some time ago. I was wondering if there is any written historical fact to this rumor?


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(5/11/01 10:11:26 pm)
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Don't know, will try to look it up for you...but if there WERE significant pieces lost, can I have a little one when you find them?

Like a Mountain Howitzer? I don't want much, OK maybe a Napoleon, Pleasepleasepleaseoh PLEASE?

Well, all I have is some basic stuff on the battle on August 10,1861 that the Federals lost, and that the second major one, Pea Ridge, on March 6-8. 1862 that they won.

I have two sources we could check, "Borderland" by E.C.Smith and "Gray Ghosts of the COnfederacy" by Richard S. Brownlee.

These are from the footnotes from this section from my "Civil War and Recon" textbook I's at least a place to start...

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(5/12/01 5:24:41 am)
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Here is a bunch of links. May not answer your question but interesting read.
lots of links

THE BATTLE OF WILSON'S CREEK, AUGUST 10, 1861. By Otto C. Lademann, Captain
3rd Missouri Infantry, U. S. Vols. Companion of the 1st Class, WI
Commandery of MOLLUS Read December 3, 1913.

Battle maps

The Confederate Forces

The Union Forces

copies of telegraphs

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(5/12/01 8:18:37 am)
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One of the most interesting facets of the Civil war was that there were battles and skirmishes fought almost everywhere! There was even one fought (if dim memory serves) in Vermont or New Hampshire.

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(5/12/01 9:18:50 pm)
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...the Confederates burned the Colt Plant in Connecticut...the single most dastardly thing they did.

The only thing it accomplished was burning manufacturing records, screwing up the archives so you can't REALLY trace any as being REALLY used in the CW.

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(5/12/01 10:03:01 pm)
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Shortly after the CW, the Fenians (for you Czechs in the crowd, they were Irish nationalists) attempted an invasion of Canada. It was, of course, no more successful than previous American attempts (actually some people believe it was only a try at fomenting trouble between us and our frigid northern neighbors), but it did involve the clandestine importation of a CW conversion musket -- the Needham -- which nobody has heard of before or after. Don't happen to have one, do you?

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(5/12/01 11:48:45 pm)
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One of the little known skirmishes happened here in Arizona around Piccacho Peak (sp), which is between Phoenix and Tucson. The South wanted the area (including New Mexico) for gold. A detachment of cavalry was dispatched from New Mexico to occupy. The Union heard about it and sent a squadron from Calif. They met at the peak area and traded shots for most of the day. Belive total casualties amounted to 3 or 4. The Southern troops quit the field and the Union guys went back to Calif.

Someone with more details can flesh this out, if interested.
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