Clinton and 'Blackhawk Down."

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    Reply Clinton and "Blackhawk Down."
    Did anybody catch Bill Clinton yesterday claiming GW Bush is blaming him for the Stock Market and corporate scandals, and saying that was unfair, after all he was made to look bad in "Blackhawk Down" and never blamed it on Bush's father like he could have....

    What is your opinion?

    (I'll give mine later.... )
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    Re: Clinton and "Blackhawk Down."
    Who is Clinton? I she that cheap pimp that is on tv sometimes. I think he hangs around with other of his kind like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to name a couple to start off with.

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    Reply Re: Clinton and "Blackhawk Down."
    Polish, though there are those that will listen to this man and still think he hung the is mostly him. No matter what he says, the fact is, it is falling on deaf ears and he is making a fool of himself. Just as other Presidents have had a code of honor.....(not speaking about the current President) he has muddled that too. He will forever be known as the worst President in the History of these United States, something that can never be removed.......though he would like to think different. His legacy is written. LTS

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    Re: Clinton and "Blackhawk Down."
    And it AINT INK it's written in, either!
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    Reply Re: Clinton and "Blackhawk Down."
    1. Who was in the White House when Enron and Citigroup, with the help of former Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, were concealing billions in bad debt from investors, the public and the government?

    2. Who was in the White House when Adelphia and Global Crossing were making insiders like DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe rich, and concealed the bad debt from investors, the public and the government?

    3. Who was in the White House when the stock market began to tank, reducing all those 401-K accounts?

    4. Who was in the White House when the Justice Department sought to destroy Microsoft, and the investors and employees who relied on that company?

    5. Who was in the White House when federal taxes were increased on Social Security recipients?

    6. Who was in the White House when funds were diverted from military and intelligence spending, despite repeated terrorist attacks on American citizens by Al-Qaeda both here and abroad, to massively increase domestic spending?

    7. Who was in the White House when the Sudanese government made repeated offers to help the United States capture Osama bin Laden - offers which were ignored?

    8. Who was in the White House when the Red Chinese were given technology to help them build long-range nuclear missiles aimed at the United States?

    9. Who was in the White House when our Justice Department was turned into a criminal defense team to protect the president, first lady and vice president of the United States?

    10. Who was in the White House when pardons were sold to the highest bidder, furniture that was nailed to the White House floor was moved to Chappaqua, and the White House was vandalized in the final days of the prior administration?

    11. Which first lady, with no experience whatsoever, made a $100,000 profit on a $1,000 investment over a 10-month period in the cattle futures market?

    12. Which senator timed the signing of a multimillion-dollar book deal a few days prior to being sworn into office to avoid Senate ethics rules?

    13. Which president was the only president in American history to set up a legal defense fund?

    14. Which president was the only elected president in American history to be impeached?

    15. Which president was the only president to be held in contempt of court for lying to a federal judge?

    16. Which president was the only president to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit?

    17. Which president was the only president accused of rape?

    Of course, the answer to all these questions is Bill and Hillary Clinton. Their legacy is the most disgraceful and corrupt in American history. And despite their best efforts to rewrite history, we know who they are and what they are. They don't have enough character or ethics to hold George W. Bush's coat.

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    Reply Re: Clinton and "Blackhawk Down."
    Well said, Mike - Hear! Hear!
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    Reply Re: Clinton and "Blackhawk Down."
    Not to turn this into a political lynching, even if I agree, but just the historical significance of the 'Battle of the Black Sea" is tough to argue...

    George H. W. Bush, MAY have screwed up by bowing to the Liberal press and world opinion to do SOMETHING about all those starving black kids seen on TV every night...

    Yes, they were starving because of POLITICS and not famine or whatever, and there was NO outstanding direct American interest in Somalia...


    First, he set a defineable goal...feeding the people, turning it over to the UN, and getting out by January 1993. PERIOD.

    Second, he went in with FORCE. 20,000 troops and Marines, backed by a Carrier Group, and a Marine Amphib carrier force, WITH armor and support.

    Then he pulled out AS SCHEDULED, and yes, Aidid "declared war" on the UN after that, and the starvation started again when food became a weapon again, but it was NOT our fight...even if the 10th Mountain was in the UN peacekeeping force.

    Clinton then takes over, and puts Delta, the understrength Ranger Battalion and SOAR in SPECIFICALLY to get Aidid...i.e, turns it into a COMBAT mission. But with NO support.

    Gen. Garrison requests armor (mainly the Bradleys that were SUPPOSED to be assigned to him, not any over and above what he thought he would get) as well as the AC130 Spectres that are also normally assigned to SOAR.

    Clinton, through his SOD, who yes, was a token Republican, tells him NO, "We don't want to raise the stakes and antagonize anybody..."

    Clinton then micromanages the operation ala Jimmy Carter in Iran, or Johnson in the 60s, every day demanding results...

    When the crapola hits the fan, American officers are forced to BEG Pakistanis to send armor with the 10th Mountain to save the Rangers butts, (Who were the Pakistanis worried about antagonizing?) and with 4 obsolete ex-US M48 tanks and some old APCs manage to get through with few casualties...

    The facts are: If Bradleys, much less M1As, were in the convoy instead of just "Armored HUMV's" and trucks, (the heaviest ground vehichles we had in Somalia) WOULD they have gotten through to the crash sites? Probably, at least the barricades wouldn't have stopped them, probably not the houses either. Even WITH the crashes, the battle would still probably have been over in an hour...

    If the Spectres were on site, would Blackhawks have been orbiting that low at all, because the ONLY support the Rangers and Delta had were them and their miniguns and Delta Snipers on board, and the OH1s with rockets (by the way, luckily the first time they were mounted with rockets, AGAINST the rules as given by Washington...) The mission is over and a success if no UH-60s go down....

    And finally, IF we didn't "cut and run" after we got Durant back....just to get the sight of mutilated naked bodies of air crew dragged through the streets by the mobs off the front pages and TV....

    Would Osama Bin Laden have even happened?

    Yes, Garrison screwed up some too, but the fact gutless Clinton blamed it ALL on him at the time was just wrong. The fact Garrison accepted full responsibility and "faded away" was pretty noble, but I really wish he would have gone kicking and screaming, I would have.

    But no matter what, the Rangers and Delta and SOAR kicked some warlord butt that day, and are ALL heroes, but because we "lost" the war, nobody will ever remember....even if we DID win the battle...

    I think Clinton should have been impeached for it. And maybe if Jimmy Smith's father would have kept up the heat on him instead of going off the deep end trying to sue everybody and anybody over the loss of his son, and come off looking like a goof, the press MIGHT have listened to him...
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    Reply Re: Clinton and "Blackhawk Down."
    Just read what you wrote Polish well said, Clinton is a whore, and a disgrace to our nation. What is a worse disgrace to humanity as a whole are the "sheeple" who think he was great and want him back. Turns my stomach.

    Oh if you ever hear good things about the governor of NJ they are lies he is a sack of dung from Clintons mold, only he doesn't like girls.

    Monica Lewinsky worked for free, our guy gave his friend a 100grand+ a year.

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