Clinton speaks to Mayors

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    The part about Communitarianism scares me. One world government is on its way.

    In January, speaking at a meeting of the anti-gun U.S. Conference of Mayors, former president Bill Clinton took credit for the old ban, praised the Brady Campaign for continuing to lobby Congress for a new ban, and suggested that the mood in Washington might be more favorable toward a ban now than it had been during the last eight years.

    Here's what Mr. Clinton had to say:

    "[W]e will not go forward anymore, I don't think, with the kind of politics of division and destruction that drug us down for too long. That's essentially what is different, and what creates this great moment of opportunity . . . . to have conversations with people, instead of screaming matches, over things like what former Mayor [now Brady Campaign president Paul] Helmke works on so much—over what is the best way to keep the American people safe. Nobody wants to repeal the Second Amendment, and nobody wants to keep you out of the deer woods, but wouldn't it be nice if your children didn't have to worry about being mowed down by an assault weapon when they turn the corner?"

    After the mayors' reflexive applause receded, Clinton continued, this time speaking more broadly than in reference to gun control alone. "[W]e're now in a position to begin again," he said. "It's not a leftward movement. It's a forward, communitarian movement." Communitarianism is a movement that considers individualism an impediment to society uniformly adopting values the movement considers appropriate, including authoritarian gun control. For example, the Communitarian Network platform states "there is little sense in gun registration. What we need to significantly enhance public safety is domestic disarmament of the kind that exists in practically all democracies."
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    but - but -
    Mowing down children when they turn the corner is illegal ALREADY, isn't it?
    What prevents them from arresting these guys NOW instead of passing another law first?

    Good find, Pinkerpv!
    BC is constantly reminding me that he really is as big a twit as I remember him being.

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    A+ to both pinkerpv and ampaterry!
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