CMMG Ultralite Suppressor for the 10/22

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    Aug 5, 2004
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    Chris at CCMG does a nice bit of work on a lot of things but here's their newest product.

    It's suppressed barrel for the 10/22 and it's a true drop in. The barrel is .920 in diameter and is chopped to 12 inches. The suppressor body is then permanently attached to the barrel to get it to over 16 inches (NO SBR tax).
    It's end user serviceable and vewwy vewwwy quiet. What's really nice about this suppressor is that it is a TRUE drop in barrel. No modifications to the gun or your target barrel stock. You can purchase the barrel or the complete gun in different stock configureations. I use the Hogue OM stock for most of my guns...your milage and desire may vary.

    Some say the proof is in the picture and others say that the proof is in the hearing...well "hear" you go.



    CMMG 10/22 Suppressor Video

    Notice you hear the guy pull the trigger, you hear a little action noise, and you hear the round impact the target...the last shot is on an empty chamber...not much difference save no sound of a round hitting the target.
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