CNN reveals obvious bias in 'TEA party' report

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Just One Shot, Apr 17, 2009.

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    Jan 23, 2009

    A conservative media watchdog organization says CNN has once again demonstrated its liberal bias in its coverage of a recent "TEA party" event in Chicago.

    On Wednesday, CNN correspondent Susan Roesgen was interviewing a Chicago TEA party ("Taxed Enough Already") participant when she evidently did not approve of what he was saying about President Obama's tax policies, talked over him as he responded to her question, and began to editorialize.

    Roesgen: "I think you get the general tenor of this [rally]. It's anti-government, anti-CNN -- since this is highly promoted by the right-wing conservative network Fox. And since I can't really hear much more -- and I think this is not really family viewing -- I'll toss it back to you, Kyra."

    Kyra Phillips (studio anchor): "Alright. I know Susan Rosegen is having a hard time hearing me, but wow, that is the prime example of what we're following across the country."

    Julia Seymour is an assistant editor/analyst for the Business and Media Institute of the Media Research Center (MRC).

    "It's just awful reporting," she says of CNN's handling of the Chicago rally. "It would be easier to tolerate if CNN had bothered to do the stories leading up to the event. But CNN wasn't even talking about the TEA parties until April 14 -- despite previous protests that had happened in February and two months [of people] organizing these events."

    Seymour says Roesgen reacted very differently when she covered an anti-Bush protest several years ago. "She was not rude to those protestors," the MRC spokeswoman recalls. "So clearly I think there was more here -- and she has shown herself and her true colors."

    The MRC analyst remarks that the liberal media has switched from the mode of constantly attacking the administration of George W. Bush to automatically and repeatedly deflecting criticism of government action and undermining the opposition to Barack Obama.
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    It has alredy been proven time and time again that CNN is more a tool for government than reproting the news and current events. I have no love for CNN and their viewers.
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    Yesterday they were talking on a radio station and pointed out that over 7 million (7,000,000) people showed up and ABC, CNN, NBC, MSNBC either 1. totally failed to report anything or 2. claimed only a few thousand people showed up.

    It's amazing. When Bush was president...protesters were not "anti-government".

    Further...if an NBC or ABC host brought 10 people to protest something it's reported as a nationwide movement.

    I don't know how many people catch it but the liberal media has been dropping the "astroturfing" verb at the Tea Parties. This is clever rhetoric to imply that the 7,000,000 protesters are not a bonafide grass-roots movement of pissed off citizens, but instead they are a Rent-O-Crowd of elite rich people lead by right-wing elitists. Astroturfing is a technique used to begin a political movement in a country under the pretenses of local grass-roots movement by inserting clandestine leadership to lead the movement. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say though that nobody with a job needed to pretend to be angry about the 4 trillion dollar budget abortion being shoved down their throats. Sorry liberals....that ain't fake grass on your's real and fertilized by your democrat bulls**t.
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    Yep Me Too :rolleyes:
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    Susan Rosegen would be right at home working for Provda during the Stalin years.
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