Coalition for Disabled Hunter Rights Update

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    November 16, 2003

    Coalition for Disabled Hunter Rights Update

    Over the last six months, the Coalition for Disabled Hunter Rights has been organizing a campaign to end disability discrimination in the woods by asking the federal government to require all 50 states to legalize crossbows, modified-bows, body braces, and mouth-tabs for disabled archery hunters. Our members have filed discrimination complaints against nine states: Alaska, California, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Washington and West Virginia.

    Our discrimination complaints, filed under the Americans with Disabilities Act, have progressed from the Department of Justice to the Department of Interior and now to the US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) – the agency that controls federal funding to state wildlife agencies and which must ensure that all federal wildlife funds are used in a

    non-discriminatory manner.

    At this time, we are asking that everyone who supports our cause to email or postal mail a statement of support to our civil rights investigator at the USFWS. Supporters should send the message that crossbows, modified-bows, body braces and mouth-tabs should all be acceptable and reasonable accommodation methods for disabled hunters in the archery seasons of all 50 states. It should also be stated that these accommodation methods are necessary to ensure disabled archers have full and equal access to the same joys of hunting that millions of able-bodied Americans cherish.

    Emails of support should be sent to:

    Postal mailings should be sent to: US Fish and Wildlife Service

    Division of Federal Assistance

    4401 North Fairfax Drive

    Mail Stop MBSP-4020,

    Arlington, Virginia 22203

    Support messages can also be sent using an electronic form located on the Coalition website:

    The Coalition for Disabled Hunter Rights thanks you for your support.

    For more information about the Coalition visit our website at:

    or contact our spokesman, Tom LaQuey, via or (719) 378-2107
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    Done, Gabby.

    I hope we are able to generate a rash of these contacts.

    While a few states have gone the extra mile in providing for handicapped hunters, I think that the same should be true of rifle, shotgun and muzzleloader hunting and not just limited to bowhunting.
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