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Well after Fridays return item event, here`s newest update.
Returns with a little more info.
50% discount returning your damaged knife (any new model) WOW dang good deal there. With RA#
40% discount you keep damaged knife (any new model) With RA#
So here it is, you have $50 damaged "not abused" knife you want replacements unless they still make it OR you want a change-return/no return with RA number.
New knife cost $600, your cost........$300 @ 50% 0ff with RA# (This policy may not last long)

My EDC has seen 35 years of service and the lock finally broke and I hated to give it up, twas my pal. But and extra 10% to keep my fingers safe, it`s on it`s way back for 50% discount. Ordered and paid today.

So while trying to pick a knife that would suit my needs, yes I upgraded quite to a little nicer one-50% off makes sense to me. That done and very-very nice lady while looking to verify in stock ask for second model just in case.
So she comes back, we have your first model in stock, will ship tomorrow.........and then she says; we also have the second choice in stock also, would you like to change I picked them in order so #1`s the one I want.
She says good choice (selling-lol) Nice EDC pick.
She says, what if I told you since your on the line and ordering anyway.......I knock 20% off second choice, would you be interested???

Well, now I have two knives coming ( I`m easy) Got my EDC and a fixed hunter that I have been wanting for years as mine has just about seen it`s end.

So Cold Steel may be getting a slow start after the buy out. But they`re trying pretty hard. Great gal, fun and easy to work with.
Upgraded EDC-Upgraded my hunting knife.
Call me a happy camper, or sucker.....I`m still smiling regardless.

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Wish they had deals on their ceramic stones. I'm looking for something new like that or decent diamond stones. My Para 2 is still in great shape.
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