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    a local small town preacher gets done with the service sunday, and while leaving is invited to a gentlemans home, by him and his wife, for supper that evening

    so the preacher arrives for supper, and upon getting out of his car, he sees that the grass is tall and the mower is setting there, looking as it if is needing repair. the porch is run down and there is an old warsher on beside the door.

    the preacher can tell they are hard on their luck. but since he was invited he goes and knocks on the door.

    the couple greet him and welcome him in. they show him to his seat and the lady sets a plate down in front of him. the preacher looks at it and sees it isnt very clean, so he speaks up "i think you missed a spot on this plate ma'am" the lady looked at him and said, im sorry, but with cold water, that's as clean as it will get.

    the preacher, judging by the condition of the house knows what she means, the water heater is broken too. and says nothing else. after the meal they are walking the preacher to his car when a black dog rounds the house barking and growling at the preacher.

    the man of the house yells at the dog "stop that COLD WATER!, this is our preacher"
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    LOL thats messed up!:D:D:D

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