Collecting and Shooting Military Surplus Rifles

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  1. howiej52

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    Dec 13, 2011
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    I have been building and collecting custom rifles for more years than I want to count. I have had a lot of military surplus rifles from a lot of different countries. I never know that so many people where into collecting and shooting them. When I was a young boy, “that was a lot of years ago”, I had a paper route. I used to buy surplus rifles that were in a barrel at the sporting goods store. Back then you did not have all the useless restrictions we have today. I used to bring them home, Take them apart, sand and finish the stocks, and cold blue everything. I even made a few dollars doing it, and it was fun. Doing that, back then got me into studying everything I could about firearms. I was like a sponge, soaking up all the knowledge I could about anything related to firearms. If we only knew then, what we know now, we would be a lot better off. The idea of collecting and shooting surplus rifles never crossed my mind. I still do a lot of research on everything related to firearms. When I came across all the forums on the internet, I could not believe all the interest in the old surplus rifles. “Having more than one gun safe already” I started looking into surplus rifles again. I already have a lot of custom rifles I have built over the years, and the reloading equipment to go with them. Do you remember when you were a kid and you got a new toy? Ya, that’s where my mind was headed. I already have a lot of cast bullet moulds for my pistols, and muzzle loaders. Then I ran across an article in G&A surplus magazine, using cast bullets in surplus rifles. What a neat idea, here I go again, I will need another gun safe. “I need a bigger house”, Will this ever end? I have come to a major conclusion, that I have an addiction.
    Now I have Lee-enfields, Mosin-Nagants, and a SKS. I am keeping an eye out for some Jap rifles. I now see this will never end. Ya, but what a hobby!
    I have purchased bullet moulds, gas checks, moly lube, brass, and sizing dies. I can’t wait to see how they shoot. I can do a lot of shooting and not have to worry about having to rebarrel them. Cast bullets and moly lube will not harm the barrels. Also I have come across articles about making light loads for them, with pistol and shotgun powder. There is now quite a few cast bullet forums and cast bullet sections in gun forums. I can now get on the internet and study for hours. You will never learn it all, but research is part of the fun, seeing what other people have been doing and getting ideas from them is a good part of this hobby.

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    Yeah , it's an addiction thats hard to kick
    I've bought and sold quite afew different types myself.
    To date I've hung onto 2 x No4 , 2A1 and No5 Lee enfields , M1 Garand , M96 Swede Mauser ( check these Swede's out ! ) , SKS , a real nice Fin captured 91/30 ( '36 hex receiver) and a Canadian cadet trainer Cooey M82.
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  3. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    Welcome Howie ! yeah its a addiction , i'm thinking of tossing the cigarettes this year ( cost!!!) either go pipe 100% or stop 100% .. but mil rifles? no wont even want to try

    i am downsizing , 100+ rifles being sold off now , many are ending up in canada at Marstar about 20 Jap rifles included but mainly LSA LE's

    then i can start looking again .. ;)
  4. Fast Forward

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    Jul 16, 2011
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    Surplus Firearms are worse than Crack,,and there are a lot of us hopeless Addicts on this forum
  5. warriflefan

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    Sep 4, 2011
    Meadow Vista, CA
    I've got to get a fix about every 2-3 months, but I can kick it, I swear, I just need one or two more...then cold turkey, I swear....

    Oh, who am I kidding!
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