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    The young college girl came home after finals and decided to challenge her rather conservative Republican father with her newfound Democratic liberalism, as taught by the professors.

    Instead of entering heated and pointless debates with his beloved daughter, the father gently steered the conversation around to the school. He inquired how she liked the academics, the social life and if she had acquired new friends, both male and female.

    The young lady stated that to maintain her 4.0 grade, no time was allowed for partying, dating or other activities. All her non-classroom time was spent studying, working her part time job and with just minimum time for sleeping.

    He asked about her best friend in high school that had gone to college with her. "Oh, she is struggling to maintain a 2.0 average, because all she does is party, drink, have fun and goof around. She never studies and feels taking tests are degrading."

    "Well," her father said, "Since you have a 4.0, why don't you ask the school administration to take one point from your average and give it to your friend? That way, you both will have a 3.0 average and passing grades."

    "NO, I won't do that!" Exclaimed the daughter. "I've worked very hard for my averages, done without and sacrificed my free time just to be able to have the standing. Why should I give anything to her - she never works, doesn't study and gets a free ride as it is. It wouldn't be fair!!"

    "Why, Daughter", beamed the father, "Welcome to the Republican Party!!"
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    Oooh Rahhh!...copied it...;)

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