Colt 1849 Pocket.

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  1. Brian Uprichard

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    Apr 17, 2020
    I recently posted a thread about an original Remington 1858 Navy revolver I was lucky enough to source here in the UK. Prior to this I was unable to afford any of the equivalent Colt models, but did manage to get my hands on this original Colt 1849 Pocket which I housed in a small box together with some reproduction accessories just for fun. This model was affordable here due to the high number produced and the relatively easy life they had compared with the belt models.
    One day I hope to be able to add a Colt 1860 Army and a Colt 1851 Navy, but this my be some time away yet.

  2. sharps4590

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    Aug 10, 2013
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    Wow....another nice example!! I had a reproduction 1849 I used on the trap line for a couple years. Light, hardly knew it was on my belt and, not much different effect on game than the 22LR. Cool little revolvers!