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    ok got my allowance from the government my income tax check that is. h&r block is good.
    so i went to get my colt 1911a1 reproduction model.
    well i laid down the cash to get my colt out of jail (layaway) and took it home and stripped it down keep in mind that i only installed a wilson combat shok buff pad
    then i went about cleaning all the excess oil off of the beauty and put her back together. me and my bud was talking about how we thought it would shoot as i wasent sure that i wanted to shoot it but since i dont own a gun that i dont shoot i said to hell w/ it so we went out back and i loaded 10 mags w/ wolf yes that old wolf steel case and all say what u will but it shoots good and its cheap better than s&b anyway . i fired the first mag
    at 15 yards and what i saw amazed me 2 1/2 groups
    so i thought that might be a fluke so i loaded another and the same result. so i backed up to 25 yards and fired
    2 more mags right at 3 inch groups and believe me i was in heaven so i let my friend fire a few mags and it was all the same story this thing did not fail to put up at least 3 inch groups then just for the hell of it i loaded another mag and there is a 50 gallon barrel that i love to kill w/ my M14 at 175 yards well i had to aim a little high but out of 7 shots i hit it 5 times man what a feeling i am soooooooooo glad i bought this pistol and if any of you get the chance i highly reccomend you pick one up. this one is now my carry pistol in a week i have put about 500 rds thru it and no malfunctions!!! it took the place of my custom government and if you could see that pistol you would be shocked its balls to the wall but i have no plans to do anything to it besides change the grips anyone know where i can get some wood diamond GI grips?

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    Re: colt 1911a1 try out
    Been wanting one of those since they came out, sounds
    good, take good care of it, as it will you if so!

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    The Colt sounds like a keeper. Chip McCormick sells some nice double diamond checkered grips.

    If you can't find a web address, let me know and I'll look it up and post here.

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    Try this site for grips. CDNNInvestments - Chip McCormick Double Diamond Rosewood Dealt with them several times with good results.

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