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Colt 25 Caliber

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Hello to to the forum. My Dad passed away last March and I know have an old Colt 25 Caliber pistol that was my Grandfather's before it was my Dad's. I will never sell is not in great shape so probably would not be worth much to anybody but me.

I can't find much about it. I know for a fact my Grandfather owned the gun in 1950....don't know if he had it before that.

It looks like it has CAL 6.25 on the grip (might be 6.35...hard to tell). It was made in Spain and has "119 S" stamped on it.

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Unfortunately, it is not a Colt. As you say, it was made in Spain, one of many thousands of inexpensive pocket pistols turned out in that country from c. 1910-1936. Few are of even acceptable quality for any extensive use, though they might work OK for a while. Retail value, in fully functional condition, is generally well under $100 and most dealers will not buy them or take them on trade because they can't resell them.

Certainly keep the pistol for sentimental reasons, but I suggest not depending on it for any serious purposes.

The caliber is 6.35mm, which is called .25 ACP in the U.S.

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