Colt #3 Thuer Derringer .41 cal.

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    I have a derringer made by Colt. I think is was made in London as it has a "B" toolmark next to the serial number, 146XX on the bottom of the barrel. It is very tight with original coloring. It shows very little wear but on the hammer and the "COLT" and serial number is in excellent condition. The barrel has some black from rust that is no longer present but it is not pitted. The rifling inside the barrel looks good. All of the parts work smoothly and it has been fired since I have owned it. The grips is orginial. The previous owner or someone has placed two notches on the grips. The is a reddish color stain on the right side of the derringer below the barrel. It will not come off but it is no paint. I have seen these priced from $550-$2350 even though the brass is very worn and the barrel pitted. I was wondering what this would be worth to a collector. I would also like to know the year of manufacture.

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    That is the Colt Third Model Derringer, aka the Thuer Derringer. There were two types (two variations of the first type) and you have the second type, sometimes called the "standard model" because its production exceeded that of the earlier type. There were about 15,500 of the first type, and some 45,000 of the second type, which was made from 1875 to 1912. All were in .41 caliber, mostly rimfire as is yours. Close copies were made in .22 caliber in the 1950's and 1960's.

    As the standard model had the largest production, it has the least value, and I would estimate yours at about $400, maybe a bit more. In new condition, they bring $1500 or more. .41 rimfire ammo is sometimes found, and small lots have been made in recent years. Unlike the fragile Remington Double Derringer, your gun should stand up OK to a few shots.


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