Colt Custom Anaconda 44 mag 6"

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    Nov 30, 2006
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    Hi there, I'm a new member to the sight & I have a question for you. I'm thinking of selling my Colt Anaconda Custom model & was wondering what it's worth. I purchased the gun new in March of 1993. It's not your average Anaconda & I've never seen another one like it. It's a Custom model that came from Colt's Custom Gun Shop "mod # MM3060MP." The custom model received an unserrated/smoothed trigger, magna-ported, elliason rear sight, and came tuned. After receiving the gun, I sent it to Magna Port Int here in Michigan where they installed the scope (Bausch & Lomb Elite 3000 2 X 6) and an SSI mount on the gun. Over the past 13 years, I maybe shot 200 rounds thru the gun & took (2) white tail deer in the process. I would rate the gun in 98 to 99% condition as it has been fired & I have all paperwork with the original boxes. Again, I'm just wordering what it's worth & possibly how many were produced?? I have approx. $1200.00 invested in it. Any help would be appreciated. I'll try to attach some pictures. Lawmanmike....

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    Hi again Mike.

    The Bluebook lists the Custom Ported Anaconda (without the scope) as being valued at:

    100% - $875
    98% - $600
    95% - $495

    The scope would add extra, but I have no idea how much. However, the Custom Gun Shop Anaconda Hunter (w/8" bbl. & Leupold 2X scope) Blue Books at:

    100% - $1,095
    98% - $895
    95% - $725 maybe yours would go somewhere near the middle of the 98% range.

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    aye that is good looking gun
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