colt cylinder/barrel alignment

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  1. 38 special

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    Feb 14, 2009
    On the older colt revolvers det. specials, python etc.,when the trigger is pulled and the hammer falls, the second stage of the hand pushes the cylinder tight against the bolt so there is no play.THe famous colt bank vault lockup. On smiths and rugers there is a little play even when hammer is down and trigger is fully depressed. ON the older colts this rigid lockup purportedly gives better accuracy as the bullet always enters the forcing cone at exactly the same place. My question is how did colt make it such that each cylinder is exactly in alignment with centerline of bore? It would seem that if each cylinder wasnt exactly in line with bore at lockup that the rigid lockup might be for naught as the bullet would then still enter forcing cone off center.Is it always true the centerline of each cylinder hole is = to centerline of barrel with theses older colts???
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    Jun 24, 2008
    the center line of the cylinder and of the barrel / forceing cone is the same on all revolvers or else you'd be peeling lead. if the center isnt the same you're out of time. colts are no more accurate than a dan wesson or a smith or ruger. mike the bore of a cylinder and then a forceing cone. you'll notice the bore of the forceing cone to be slightly smaller hence the name " forceing" not sure of your question or if i answered it. but don't fall into the trap of thinking a colt is the end all be all of revolvers. yes fine guns and unless hand fitted such as a over priced python accurate as any other.