Colt first generation SAA value

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  1. rdm

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    Dec 7, 2009
    I have a Colt SAA that has two Serial numbers. The first S/N D.F.C 82173 is at the bottom of the frame by the trigger guard. The second S/N 81514 is located on the bottom of the steel grip grame. I dont know why the gun has two serial numbers. The number 590 is stamped on the loading gate. The barrel has the stamping of Colt PT F.A. MFG. Co. Hartford CE USA. On the left side of the frame is Pat. Sept 19 1871, July 2 72, and Jan 19 75. There is a stamping on the left side by the trigger guard of 45 Cal B. A larger stamping has been inscribed on the right side of the frame of 101. This looks like a stamping not from the factory. Under the right grip which is brown checkerd rubber with the colt horse emblem has an engraving of J.W.Carson Larado Texas 1898. Any info you could supply would be great. I am really curious about the 101 stamping and the engraving under the grips and why it has two serial numbers. Also do you have any value thoughts.

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  2. Jim K

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    Dec 6, 2009
    Is the "DFC" part of the serial number? Going by the numbers alone, both numbers date from 1882. Prefix or suffix letters were sometimes used for commemorative guns, but I didn't find "DFC" on the lists I have. It seems probably that you have a gun made from parts of at least two guns. (The number on the loading gate is an assembly number and will not, except by coincidence, match the serial number in whole or part.)

    The serial number on the frame should be the legal serial, but the letters raise a question.

    The "101" might, or might not, have a connection with the famous 101 Ranch in Oklahoma. If you are near Laredo, TX, you might try some research on J.W. Carson. Guns connected with even moderately well-known people bring a premium.

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  3. John S Bryant

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    Apr 12, 2003
    the 'DFC' is the inspectors initials for Colt SAA artillery model (cavalry) David F. Clark. Between 1895-1903 the government had all SAA 'issue' revolvers with a 7 1/2 inch barrel cut to a 5 1/2' barrel for re-issue.
    I concur with the probability it is made up from parts of 2 guns.........
  4. jondar

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    Mar 2, 2009
    It's late and I guess I'm missing something. If it shows DFC who was, as noted above the inspector of the revolver, shouldn't there be a US stamped on the left side of the frame?
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