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(9/8/02 8:33:50 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All PLS Price check on a Colt r-6550 Government Ar-15

I'm hoping someone could give me an idea of what's a good price to pay on a particular AR-15 I'm looking at. The details are as follows.

Colt model R-6550 Goverment
Has bayo lugb & flashider.

SN gs0047xx Green Label

All original, no cosmetic blemishes. Approximately 65 rds fired through it.

Comes with 1 30 rd mag, and 1 20 rd mag.

Any information will be greatly appreciated. I've looked all around for info on current pricing.I just haven't been able to find a lot of info on this particular model rifle.

I'd appreciate any info on this particular model's history, the value of the piece, and the degree of collectibility of the piece.

Thanks a lot....

*TFF Senior Staff*
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(9/8/02 9:16:34 pm)
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This model should have an "A2" Lower, barrel, flash-hider and rear sights. Though a few did show up with the A1 lower during the bastard years, as Colt scurried to sell off old stocks before the 1994 ban.

This is the down the line in this style and the R6520 is the real keeper.....but the 6550 is no slouch either.

Price varies for time to time and I have seen them bring 2K and I have seen them bring 1500.00

Condition is everything....BUT!, the Green Label box is worth GOLD and without it.....matching the serial number, it hurts. How much?? 200.00 minimum.

It should have the original box, barrel straw, manual, sling, plastic bag (Colt) rifle sealed from factory and two factory mags. Most of these were 8 or 10 rounders....though some came with 20`s

With everything and 99% 1850.00 to 2250.00
Missing most of the factory accessories. 1450.00 to 1775.00

Nice rifle and sure to gain value, no matter what the price...within reason. Colts have not gone down. Grand start for a collector.


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(9/8/02 9:28:07 pm)
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Thanks for the reply!

Ok the rifle is in excellent condition, not a scratch... absolutely no cosmetic blemishes.

I've gotten two magazines with it.. One is a 20 round, and the other is a 30 round magazine. I do have the Green label box with matching S/N. I've also got the original sling.

I don't have the plastic, barrel straw, or manual.

I paid $2000 which I believe is a premium for this rifle. I may have overpaid by a few hundred, but the thing is in such shape! I jumped a bit early because I've been looking for one of these for the longest time, and the only thing I've seen is a 6550K (blue label, no bayo lug.). These Green label 6550's seem to be in very short supply. I think I read somewhere they didn't produce many... even when compared to the production numbers of the 6520.

It seems like whenever I go on the auction sites I see many 6520's, but I hardly ever see the 6550... it's odd.

Hey thanks a lot for your advice!

*TFF Senior Staff*
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(9/8/02 9:35:02 pm)
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You did not get bit. The box is everything in these (Green) You got a keeper! Best LTS
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