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    I have a Colt M1917 45acp DA revolver which has been refurbished as it has a parkerized finish. Colt Serial No. 1507XX and the Army Serial No. X, that's correct single digit. This makes it one of the first 9 accepted by Col. G H Stewart all of the Markings are correct. I believe it was refurbished by Colt as there are no Army Arsenal Marking on it. The barrel, crane, crane arm, and cylinder are with the rebuild tracking number of 340, used to insure that it was assembled using the original parts. The only other marks are the capital letter J and a munber 8 both located on the crane recess.

    I know that it was originally manufactured and shipped to the Army in 1917. The action is tight, finish is parkerized 90%+, original walnut grips, and clean bore. There is no Arsenal mark so I hoping to figure out which Arsenal rebuilt it. I'm thinking that the Arsenal's would be assigned a block of numbers to be used by them, so as to not have duplicate Rebuild Numbers. I have checking the web in hopes of finding rebuilt M1917's with number on both sides of 340 that have Arsenal marks.

    I'm also hoping that someone can tell me what the J and 8 mean or stand for like the letter H which is the mark of Colt Inspector Francis L Hosmer.

    I believe the J is the mark of the inspector for the rebuild.
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