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Colt M1991A1 USMA Special Edition

Discussion in 'The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum' started by CountryGunsmith, Mar 2, 2003.

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    Jan 29, 2003
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    (1/13/03 1:51:36 pm)
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    1991A1 USMA Series 80 Limited Edition
    I recently received a really nice 45. The slide is marked "U.S. Military Academy". Under that is --Class of 1995--. It has a three digit serial that begins with BCxxx. Colt says that it is a limited edition at around 500 guns. Any numbers worth more than others? Like the 1st or last of the run. It was not a public offering, bought through the Academy.NIB. I've seen a USMA Class of 2002 Bicentenial commerative with gold and scroll work. It was $1300. More art than gun, mine looks like new issue.

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    (1/14/03 9:30:09 am)
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    Almost impossible to put a value on it here.

    This is a limited issue with a limited appeal to a limited market.....too nice to use as a shooter, and with interest pretty much limited to members of the class of '95, USMA or their families. As an investment, it probably won't appreciate very much, due to the small market for such pieces.

    However.....if you like fancy '11s.....Enjoy!

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    Re: 1991A1 USMA Series 80 Limited Edition
    Thank you for the info. Being that it is a gift from my Dad it will remain in the family. I just hate having such a fine piece of steel that I can't shoot. Both of my kids are telling me why they should be the one to inherit! I guess I will have to go and buy a 1911 shooter. I have a Llama Mini that skips the brass off your forehead, time to step up to the real deal. I'll go through some past 1911 posting and educate myself. I have some model 12's that I have been told are unique so I'll be posting more questions. I'm really glad I found this forum, everyone is on the stick and willing to help.