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    Very interesting article above about the Colt National Match pistols. I noticed however in the "variants" there is no mention of the 1911 National Match, Gold Cup in 9mm. The reason I noticed is that I have one, NIB.
    It is marked "Elite 1X" Gold Cup National Match.
    It is also numbered 174 and as I am told that is #174 of 500 or 700 ever made. I'm not sure of the total but it was either 500 or 700 ever made.
    Mine is still in the box, unfired. Stainless bottom and black top.
    If I new how to post pics I would gladly show it. But as my grandson reminds me, I am roadkill on the internet hi way.
    Not to sharp on the how too of computers.
    So this description will have to suffice.

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    UncleFudd asked me to post this for him:

    This is a Colt, Gold Cup National Match, 9MM. I believe only 500 ever made and this one is numbered 174. You will never see these 9MMs listed when authors talk about National Match Gold Cups. This one is still unfired. I thought you all might like to see one just for kicks. Thanks to gdmoody for posting for me as my wonderful MAC will not do so even when I threaten it.


    carry pistols and rigs 017.jpeg carry pistols and rigs 018.jpeg carry pistols and rigs 019.jpeg
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