Colt Python: How to verify finish type?

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    I have purchased a Python 6" Matte - Stainless Steel last week. We, the seller and I, thought it is Matte - Stainless Steel, but today I received some information from a company that Colt referred me to for something else saying something very interesting. That company was trying to research something for me, and I told them it was purchased new in 1982. They came back and said:

    "As for the date of production of your 6" stainless Python, I can only state that it was probably produced after 1983. This was the first year of production of stainless 6" barreled Pythons according to The Blue Book of Gun Values."

    Now I am wondering how can I, as someone who is totally unfamiliar with differentiating between these two finishes, verify which type of finish it is that my Python has? Nickel - Satin Finish, or Matte - Stainless Steel? Looking at pictures of both types of finish they look the same to me.

    At this time I do not have the Python in hand. The first chance I have to pick it up is this coming Wednesday. All I have are these three Pictures, and the Serial Number.

    09.16: I have talked to Colt today. Colt says that this Python was made in 1981. Colt also informed me that SS production began in 1985 which is also different than what The Blue Book of Gun Values states. Very bad news for me. The gun has been delivered to my FFL today, and I will be looking at it Wednesday to verify what I can, unless my FFL gives me a most definite answer to what type it is.

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    I would say that's matte stainless - Nickel always seemed 'whiter' to me.

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    I've had Colts with both finishes, and that looks like satin or elecroless nickle to me. Hard to explain in words, but the satin has kind of a "glow" to it. Although the lighting could be deceptive. I would say the date of production settles it. Nothing wrong with satin nickle, just ask for a partial refund to compensate for the lower value.
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    I am new to this game and very confused. I have a 4 in colt python, Serial No. K85xxx.
    I am told that the finish on this gun is e-nickel. Is there any way to verify that this is correct. I have two other colt pythons - one from 1978 and one from 1979 - both bright nickel. I would really appreciate any information that can be given that the e-nickel finish is correct. Thank you in advance your kind attention in this mattet.

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    In 1980-1982 Colt produces a finish called "Coltguard" and it was Satin Electroless nickel with a much higher grade of frame polishing. It was sold to be much more durable in the field; rust, scratches, etc.
    It is not e-nickel or stainless, very hard to find info about them! I have one, i know!
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    New research;
    "Coltguard" was a brand name Colt used for Satin Electroless Nickel.
    In the late 1960's Colt started offering Satin Electroless Nickel, then in later years started calling it "Coltguard".

    Electroless Nickel is a nickel coating that's applied by a chemical process instead of the usual electro-plating process.
    It has the distinctive "yellowish" cast common to nickel.
    This is most apparent when comparing a nickel gun to a stainless steel or hard chrome plated gun.
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    Colt's e-nickel finish is exactly's an electroless nickel plating (referring to the method used to apply the nickel plating).

    Coltguard is a similar electroless nickel finish except that the metal is prepped with a satin finish instead of the bright polish that you typically see on Colt nickel finish. Most of the frame and barrel ius brushed, with the top, bottom, and a few other areas bead-blasted.

    To add further confusion, just like the standard or royal blue you could get the ColtGuard in standard or royal. The Royal ColtGuard is a really beautiful is a different surface prep than standard ColtGuard but the finish material is the same. It always looked to me like a finer grit and brushing is used in the satin prep process.
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