Colt Revolver Mainspring Problems

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    Can anyone PLEASE help me to determine if I'm correct in my assumption that a Colt "V" type mainspring can be bent / openened & or closed to adjust it's pull weight ? I have an older 1964 vintage Colt "Agent" (2" - .38 Spl.), which suffers from extremely light primer hits, thereby producing misfires.I recall reading somewhere that the Colt's "V" mainsprings can be bent to either lighten or strengthen their trigger pulls. Is this a correct assumption ?? If so, are there any tricks to this procedure ?? ANY & ALL replies will be most deeply appreciated. THANK YOU. Regards, Dom Pastore

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    Hello Dom, and welcome to the Firearms Forum. Till 1 of our resident armourers has a chance to respond to your request,
    take a look at the site below.

    Dom Pastore
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    THANK YOU very much for your prompt & informative reply to my recent query. I had an idea that I was on the right track regarding the mainspring bending, but needed to confirm this before getting started. This is what I really like about the I-Net, everyone sharing info. and helping each other. THANKS again, I really appreciate it. Best Regards, Dom Pastore

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    Welcome Dom.....Doc should be by shortly and able to help you. He sleeps a lot......LTS

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    Re: Colt "D" Frame Revolver Mainspring Repair
    Only when absolutely necessary.

    Yes, the geometry of the mainspring can be altered for a TEMPORARY fix. Many people alter the geometry initially to lighten the trigger pull and go too far, then when the spring begins to 'set' you start getting light hits on the primers. Other methods include 'shaving' the spring.

    Remove the mainspring and bend each leaf slightly outward at a point about 3/4" from the closed end. This will TEMPORARILY increase the compression force of the spring. If that fixes your problem, then replace the mainspring with a new one.
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