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Colt series 70 model O

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I've noticed that Colt stainless steel series 70 model O 1911's with the 100 year rollstamp are not only hard to find, but they seem to command a very hefty price tag when ya can find one.
What the heck is there about this particular model that makes it so hard to find and expensive?
Recenty seen one on an internet auction go for $1300 bucks.
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The series 70 is the most desirable in my opinion, and, you will pay a little more for the colt name. I have 4 colts and I really like them all. Some folks will say that unless you are buying a colt, you are buying generic. I personally dont agree but I do like them and if you want one, you will have to pay the money. I know as a dealer, my suppliers seldom had any in stock, sometimes they had a few defenders or agents but seldom any full sized 1911s.
Series 70 is a better gun than a Series 80. That's my opinion, AND a whole buncha other people. So a 70 is gonna be at least a hundred more than an 80.

COLT adds at least 300 dollars to the price. That "100 year" rollstamp is gonna add another hundred or so. Stainless costs more too.

So take that 1300, take away the 3, for COLT, the hundred for 70, and the hundred for "100 years", and you're down to 800. Knock off another hundred for stainless and you're at 700.

Seven ain't too bad for a good 1911. It's more than one of the Filipino ones costs, but then they don't have union labor.
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