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    Apr 20, 2012
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    For several reasons (high cost, difficult portability, lack of a power source on my wheelchair), I don’t use a motorized bracket that would allow me to aim a rifle by myself. I rely on assistance from a “point man” to aim while we both view the sight picture in my scopecam monitor, and I decide when to squeeze the trigger with my cable release.
    Ron Wagner—my lifelong friend, hunting buddy and most trusted point man—defines The Point Man Rule. “When we take a deer, Andy gets all the credit,” he says. “If we miss, it’s all my fault.”
    In 2011 I went on a hog hunt in Uruguay without my scopecam because the batteries quit holding a charge (I’ve since found replacements.) I asked my guide, Laurindo, to shoulder the .243 and aim normally, and then tell me when to squeeze.
    We had a target-rich environment because feral hogs of all sizes swarmed the bait sites. We killed four hogs in three days, but this video (filmed by my aide Alex) shows the ones that got away. First we—that is, I—score a perfect head shot on a 100-pound boar. Then we—I mean, Laurindo—buries a bullet in the dirt and scatters a bunch of 60-pounders like so many bowling pins. He provokes a stampede with the next shot, then splits the difference between two boars, and, for the grand finale, overshoots a fat sow to kick up a geyser in the pond.
    In Laurindo’s defense, the scope had somehow gotten knocked out of alignment; after a few minutes at the bench he was back on target.
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    Very nice Andy- I've missed my share as well.

    Hey while I was checking out that video I also watched your Sept. videos 1 & 2. Very cool (as usual) but got me thinking: are the hogs hunted in Uruguay mostly for sport/food or vermin eradication? Do they cause the habitat destruction there that they do here?

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    In the imortal words of Major Payne (of the movie Major Payne), "Are you blind too?"

    Thank you for sharing your video. It brought back many memories of shots I have flubbed, including the one last Saturday.

    The next day I was talking to my sons about my miss, and told them the good thing is I'm getting more quiet going through the woods. In unison they all said, "No dad, your going deaf."

    Keep on posting, your reports are much appreciated,.

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