Compact .45 DA Choices?

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    I'm going to purchase/carry an autoloader for personal protection and want a compact .45 that is reliable, with comfortable overall weight, and has a 4" barrel or less. Concealment is very, very important. Basically, looking for a pocket size autoloader. Currently, I have a Colt Det. Special and it is a great revolver, but I want something lighter and more concealable. Your recommendations and reasoning would be most helpful. I've "narrowed" my search to the following:
    1) Colt Defender - 3"; Mag Cap = 7; 22.5oz.
    2) Glock 36 - 3.78"; Mag Cap 6; 22.5oz.
    3) Kimber Ultra Carry II - 3"; Mag Cap = 7; 25oz.

    Going by appearance (which is also important) the Colt and Kimber are more my taste. Also, for personal protection, which is a DA or SA preferred and why?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    I would vote for the kimber,or the colt.I would prefer da,as long as the pistol had a effective safety.if you prefer to carry as safely as possible,the sa would be your choice.I cannot ccw here in ohio yet,but just cant pull the trigger on a compact at their prices.let us know what you chose,and how the new toy shoots.

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    Thanks for the response. I've now ruled out the Glock because of the safety. If I were ever to buy a Glock, I would definately purchase the 9 or 11 pound trigger pull to help lesson the possibility of accidental discharge. Actually, I'm getting cold-feet on autoloaders. They may be the HOT ticket, but, I'm seriously thinking of reverting back to my training and experience, all of which involves revolvers. After 25 years, old habits are hard to break. Maybe a S&W model 640. The shielded hammer makes this a pretty good CCW option. Thanks again...

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    Try an Infinity. High dollar, but you get exactly what you pay for in an American firearm. Plus you get a pistol made for you, by you, not a pistol that some R&D guy thought you would like. Any caliber, any barrel length, any style.
    Infinity also throws in a holster of your choice made just for your pistol from what I hear.

    Actually I kind of hate jumping on the SV Infinity bandwagon. It seems to be the IN pistol around my town currently.
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    Funny thing, my two CCW guns are Glock Model 30 and the S&W 340. These are probably the two safest guns to carry. No hammer exposed, no cocked position, no safety to fumble with, and plenty of stopping power.

    If you still insist on a "1911" style, I like my Kimber Pro Carry CDP II with the night sights and the "dehorned" styling. VERY nice for CCW.

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