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I think I had a thread asking about differences in 30 savage, win mag and weatherby.. but for the life of me can't find it.

is the weatherby the more powerfull? I heard the savage was the elast.. just couldn't rememebr where the winmag/wthby were to each other...

the 300RUM is in between the 300 wthby and the 30-378 wthby. I bought one of the first ones in Helena,Mt. Had to buy a box of factory ammo just to get brass to reload. Nosler 180 gr. partitions. I shot a moose at 86 yds went through both shoulders and she did not move. I'm 68 and still shoot as big and fast as I can handle. Sold the 300 RUM to my hunting partner and now am using a 7x57 mauser for deer. Getting to old to chase down the elk. Off the bench the 300 RUM will definitely get your attention but shooting at game you don't really notice it that much. My hunting partner is only 67 so he can handle it. I use a 338 win mag for elk if I get a chance. Good luck with whatever you use for whatever you may be hunting. I asked my dad when I was about 14 why he didn't buy a 30-06 because a friends dad had one and said the 30-30 was not big enough for elk. He just looked at me and asked how much deader do you want em.
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