1. piperpilot1

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    Mar 23, 2008
    I saw a news story today about a flight crew that had a man removed from a plane before take-off due to the fact that he was in the back of the plane praying and refused to take his seat until his prayers were finished. While the news story identified the man's religion, I'm not going to mention it here because I don't care what god or gods a man prays to, or doesn't pray to.

    My point in bringing this up is that I'm sick and tired of the notion that "WE" have to bend and compromise and change the way "WE" do things so that "THEY" can have "THEIR" way. When did it become necessary for the majority to succumb to the wishes of the minority? Again, I'm not singling out any religion, race or ideology. I'm just saying that "When in Rome, do as the Romans."

    If I go to another country and their custom is to stop everything from 2:07:54 p.m. to 2:13:06 p.m. so that they can feed their cats, pray to their god, wash their cars or whatever, then fine. I can wait until 2:13:07 p.m. to order my lunch, buy my souvenier or cash my travelers check, no matter how silly their custom seems to me.

    If someone from another culture comes here, or even if they are a citizen here but follow different customs from the majority, then "THEY" can either do as "WE" do or arrange "THEIR" schedules so that "THEIR" customs don't interfere with "OUR" customs.

    Am I the only one fed up with this PC thinking crap? So come on folks ... agree with me or flame me. I'm pretty fireproof. As I've always said, "If you can't stand the heat, stay the hell out of Hiroshima."
  2. pickenup

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    Sep 11, 2002
    Colorado Rocky Mountains
    If on a "commercial" plane, and delaying departure, sit down and shut TF up!
    If not, kick him/her off.
    I'm not missing my connections.

    Go rent a "private" plane, and take ALL THE TIME YOU WANT to pray, or anything else.

    This PC crap has gone WAY OVERBOARD, and needs to be reeled in.
    NOW!!! :mad::mad::mad:

  3. magusjinx

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    Apr 8, 2008
    This is along other lines of travel ettique(sp?) ... If I travel to another country then I should have at least a working knowledge of the primary language and not feel as tho they have to learn mine ... This is especially true if I plan on spending any length of time there ... That is one main reason I go to mainly English speaking countries ... The Brit and Aussie accents are hard enough for me to get thru ...

    If I go to your country, then I learn your language and customs ... If you come to mine the you can darn well learn my language and ways ...
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