Concealed Carry and the airlines.

Discussion in 'Self Defense Tactics & Weapons' started by TTUshooter, Mar 26, 2008.

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    I'll be flying SW airlines here in not too long. The flight is all in the state of Texas, so the issue of my destination honoring my CHL is not an issue, but in transporting of the weapon, I know i'll have to check it in a locked box, unloaded, and apart from my baggage. how would transporting the ammo work. I've been trying to search the airline webpage and the FAA page, but cannot find much info on ths subject. Any pointers from someone who's done it?
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    Do not put it in a locked box.

    Remember if they want to see what you have and you have it locked they can and will cut the locks.

    I put my ammo inside the leg of a pair of pants in my luggage and the firearms and holster in a pistol box inside the checked luggage and declare it at the counter.
    They normally have me go to another area to have the bag tagged.
    I place both inside my luggage though and not locked or at least do not lock it until you have declared it and gotten you bag tagged.

    Also do not open your bag to show the gun in front of people. If you happen to get a new person at the ticket counter, which is very unlikely, if they ask to check the weapon to be sure it is unloaded, ask to step into a private area to do so. It has only happened one time several years ago, but that is what I did and they complied with my request. Do NOT take your gun out in a crowded area to show anyone anything. You do not have to and it is not a good idea for any number of reasons, safety being foremost among them.

    Also, a good thing to call the airline to get their policy.

    I have been traveling and carrying for many years all over the US and always take my carry firearm and as soon as I get off the airplane and get my bags straight to teh first rest room to get dressed immediatley.

    Hope this helps.


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