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I'm 65 years old and my once beautiful body has rounded out. In 1965 I began working for the Sheriff's department in Emporia Kansas. From there I went to Ocean City MD as a summer officer (gun and all), and in 1970 joined the Wilmington Police Department in DE. I have carried a firearm from the very beginning which resulted in me having a large plastic tub full of holsters. Shoulder, inside the pants, ankle, paddle, pouch, you name it, I've owned it. I once bought a Safari Land Shoulder holster for my 4" S&W. The first day I wore it I chased a bank robbery suspect into a home. While we were searching the bedroom, one officer asked, is he armed? I bent over to look under the bed and my gun fell out of the shoulder holster, hit the floor and bounced under the bed. As we fled the room the officer said "Well he is now!" Luckily he wasn't under the bed. We did find him in the closet.
For years I used the inside the pouch holster with the metal belt clip on the outside. As I became more round shaped, the gun and holster began to lean out and if I wasn't careful, roll out. I've spent hundreds of dollars on holsters, but was never really satisfied, until now.
The Tagua Gunleather inside the waist holster was available in a local gun shop. I bought the small one for my Ruger .380. It comes with a metal belt clip, but I removed that and used the leather belt opening. The gun lay flat against my body, didn't roll or anything, and was very comfortable. The holster only cost $20. After two months I bought the larger size and rushed home to find my Glock 27, and my Sigma V-40 both fit in the holster. They were comfortable, and if you remove the gun, the holster is not noticable.
As I said they lay flat against your body and work well. The only slight problem was when you draw the weapon, the holster closes. With some practice you can re-holster easily.

I like them..


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I hear ya, I'm 64! I have one of these holsters myself, but I can't get the gun back in the holster once I have removed it. I've tried a bunch of IWB holsters, and I just can't stand having something in my pants that don't belong there! Just me I guess, but then I carry a 1911A1. I really like the Yagui Style holsters, OTWB, and have settled with them as my carry holster. Glad you have found something that works for you. If it ain't comfortable, you probaly won't carry it!

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I am 60 and use 2 holsters , Remora clip free holster which is great for any gun. just slip it in your waist band and it stays there. I have the re-enforced top for easy re-holstering.
I live in South Florida and use it when it gets real hot.
The other one is a Desanti Intruder that I have customized for a sharper cant at the 3:00 position and it works great.
Both my XDM 40 and Glock 27 fit them and they ride well.
If you have a few extra pounds the Remora is the holster for You.
Just tuck it in and go the material grabs your clothing material and stay where you put it.
I also use a fanny pack some time when I work because how I'm dressed.
When you wedge a chunk of metal between your belt and body It is going to always be uncomfortable. But a comfortable holster helps you get used to it a lot faster
Be safe guys
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