Congressional 'gun show loophole forum' (HR2324) excludes opposing views

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    Congressional 'gun show loophole forum' excludes opposing views
    July 14, 9:56 AM[​IMG]Gun Rights Examiner[​IMG]David Codrea

    "Rep. Bobby Scott Hosts Forum on the Closing the Gun Show Loophole Act," the 3rd District Virginia Congressman's web page tells us:

    Representative Robert C. “Bobby” Scott, Chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security, will host a bipartisan forum on H.R. 2324, the Closing the Gun Show Loophole Act, on Wednesday, July 14, 2010, along with other cosponsors.

    "Bipartisan"? Here's the "Who":

    Representative Robert C. “Bobby” Scott (D-VA)

    Representative Michael Castle (R-DE)

    Representative Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY)

    Representative Mike Quigley (D-IL)

    I guess. They let NRA "F"-rated Mike Castle lend his name to the affair. (And if there were ever good reasons for only donating to individual candidates and not to the GOP, the party's aid and comfort to avowed enemies of our right to keep and bear arms like Castle, Mark Kirk, Dan Coats, etc. ought to be all the reason we need.)

    As for the rest? Quigley "spearheaded the effort of 55 Members of Congress in filing a 'friend of the court' amicus brief, urging the Court to allow Chicago’s handgun ban to stand." The ever-energetic McCarthy, who wants to ban "shoulder things that go up," is today announcing a new bill that will only impact the "law-abiding". And truth in advertising notwithstanding, I guess anti-gun zealot Scott figured "host" sounded better than "parasite."

    Now let's look at the "Panelists":

    Kenneth E. Barnes, Sr., MS, Founder/CEO ROOT, Inc.: Perhaps Mr. Barnes time would be better spent cleaning gun-grabbing fel0ns out of his own house instead of trying to make felons out of the rest of us.

    Colonel Gerald Massengill, Sutherland, VA: Here's a guy who says he's "a strong supporter of the Second Amendment" out of one side of his mouth, and follows it up with "We can't allow the proliferation of guns to continue" out of the other. That includes lawful carry by adults in college.

    Michael J. Carroll, President, International Association of Chiefs of Police, Alexandria, VA: Why would it surprise us that a globalist group that's a beneficiary of the Joyce Foundation, one that thinks it's "reasonable" for them to be the "only ones" armed, would have a representative on this panel?

    Daniel Webster, ScD, MPH, Professor and Co-Director, Center for Gun Policy and Research at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore MD: This is a flat-out anti-gun advocacy effort that additionally involves itself in litigation and promoting distractions like non-existent "smart guns." Their leadership is as one-sided as Rep. Scott's forum. Oh, and surprise, the Joyce Foundation is prominent among their benefactors.

    Tom Mauser, Littleton, CO: There are two ways to deal with personal tragedy where guns are illegally used. Mauser did not choose Susanna Hupp's way, and has directed his efforts in the opposite direction.

    Gerry Nunziato, Youngstown, OH: Nothng like adding a former ATF careerist and semiauto ban advocate to your forum for balance. Here's all we need to know about him, from the panelist himself:

    'If it wasn't for criminals, there wouldn't be a gun industry in this country,' Nunziato said, adding that the claims of the NRA and other gun-rights groups that they are protecting law-abiding citizens with their policies are false.

    'The only people it's protecting are criminals.'

    Colin Goddard, Richmond, VA: A Virginia Tech "victim" who was powerless to protect himself and others, and who, based on his alliance with the Brady Campaign, thinks what we need for a safer society is even more "gun control." Somehow lost in this is the fact that murderer Cho went through background checks.
    Chief Scott M. Knight, Chaska Police Department, Chaska, MN: Chief Knight has all kinds of ideas masked by "officer safety" that go beyond gun shows, including a ban on semiautos.

    This is Rep. Scott's "bipartisan forum," avowed gungrabbers all, yet presenting themselves as representatives of the whole people. Other views simply don't matter to them.

    If left to this group, you'd never know another side to the story exists at all...which is just the way they want it.
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    Thanks for that...
    The only way to win against these treasonous DC elites is to list and publish thier names. Vote these cowards out in November. Put some patriots in thier offices.

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    Looks like people in DC might be trying to shield Congressmen from having their voting records published. Ever.
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