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    His speech at CPAC please listen and learn from a 13 year old the principles of conservatism.

    A smart kid, home schooled no less and has written a book "Define Conservatism" Below is from his web page telling why he wrote the book.

    Define Conservatism

    Past, Present, and Future

    This book's title defines its contents as well as any. The words "Define Conservatism" imply that the pages of this book are filled entirely with an in-depth definition of the American political viewpoint of Conservatism. So what is the importance of this book? you may ask. For starters, this book is important because it gives a clear-cut, easy to understand definition of Conservatism. It is my belief that if people want to better understand what they believe, than they must have an easy, yet strong, way to define it. Second, if we are to effectively communicate the message of Conservatism, than we must have a way to define it. And third, if we want to understand who is a Conservative and what ideas are Conservative, than we must have a way to define it. Now your question probably is, What is a Conservative? Since this is what we are going to discuss in-depth in the book, I will give you the basic definition of a Conservative.

    A Conservative is someone who believes in

    1. Life
    2. Personal Responsibility
    3. Less Government
    4. The Founding Principles

    These are the basic principles of Conservatism, but they each require an individual in-depth analysis. Now that you understand what the basic definition of a Conservative is, let's discuss what this book is about a bit more.

    In this book we will look at each of these different principles through the eyes of a leading politician (or politicians) in American political history who best exhibits the principle that we are discussing for that chapter. We will analyze the principle using that politician's stories, statements, and key beliefs. By doing this we will see how some of the men who had the most influence on Conservatism saw each of these principles, and, thereby, learn from their example. At the end of each chapter we will analyze a modern American political issue using the principles that we learned throughout that chapter.

    This book is all about the definition of Conservatism. It is about the values, the views, and the principles of the Conservative mindset. Conservatism is key to America because it keeps America on track in morals, in the size of government, and in the people's power. If we lose track of what we believe, than we will lose track of America's most important ideals.

    For those of you who will be going to vote soon, this book means something else as well. This book is, in a way, a voting guide for Conservatives. It is my hope that you will take to heart or at least listen to the principles defined in this book. If you will take these principles with you to the voting booth, than I know for a fact that you will understand who is Conservative and what views are Conservative.

    For all Americans, it is my hope that this book will be a clear basis of Conservative ideas. I personally pray that you will use this book to help you better understand the ideas, principles, and values of Conservatism. In short, it is my belief that Conservatism is important to America and all Americans individually.

    Dear readers, I hope that each of you will individually learn from this book. It is my personal sentiment that America needs another Conservative revolution, and it is my prayer that that movement will begin with each of you.

    May God bless the United States of America!

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    I saw this young man on the television just the other day. The lad is definately intelligent and gifted. I should like to hear what he has to say in 15 or 20 years when he has some life experiences in his resume'. As for right now I find him to be more of a curriosity than a role model.

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    that child is a role model for other young people!:)

    thanks for the post 45nut! i'd never heard of him before.
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