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(6/22/01 12:49:27 pm)
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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a Class III dealer and also shows live fire(cool) They even have an American Arms 180 .22 Machinegun, comes with two 177 round drums and both barrels.....this would be to cool, 177 rounds of .22.....guess .22 ammo could get expensive then. LTS

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(6/27/01 3:27:21 pm)
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Years ago I heard a guard at a prison say they had American 180s with the first laser sights, and they would put on an impressive demonstration for the inmates, (if you could get it to fire a long burst without malfunctioning!)

He said that whenever there was a fight or disturbance in the yard all they had to do was get one and "paint" the laser on the chest of some bad dude and he'd get REAL civil....

They were meant for LEOs believe it or not, but fell out of favor, probably because they malfunctioned alot, or else sprayed too much of the neighborhood. REALLY high rate of fire, up to like 75 yards did a lot of damage.

That was a while ago, might have been in the 70s.

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(6/27/01 3:44:56 pm)
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Polish, many many years ago, I saw a bunch of .22 MG`s being demonstrated at a range in California(of all places) The rate of fire on some was flat scarey....tuning the 180 for timing was the key to it`s operation and short 20-40 round burst 1/2 second,( eye blink) Original idea behind them was, less lethal crowd control.....yea sure???? LTS

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(6/27/01 5:39:25 pm)
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I bought a .22 RF 180 with drum mag and factory lazer sight when they first came out. It was the biggest piece of junk that I ever had. Jam after jam and impossible to repair. I sold it with no regrets.

The most fun that I have ever had with a full auto weapon is an M16 that I own with an Atchinson .22 RF conversion kit. This kit enables me to fire .22 RF through my M16 in full auto mode. .22 RF creates a lot of gunk in the chamber/ejection area and will cause some jams. However, I have found that if I keep a can of WD-40 on hand and squirt the gunk out with it after every few magazines then it functions well without jams.

The biggest problem that I have with this setup is a sore thumb from constantly filling the 30-round mags...

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(6/27/01 8:19:09 pm)
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Re: COOL SITE!!!!!!!

I saw that Car-16 you had for sale on GB awhile
back and I wanted it so bad but finances wouldn't
allow it at that time.

I do have a UZI with .45acp conversion and I hear
that Cienier is comming out with a .22lr conversion
for the UZI, I hope so because that would save on
ammo cost and be a hell of a lot of fun too.
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