Coon Hunt 1

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    Me and my two boys went out tonight with the dogs. Parked the Jeep and let the dogs go. Walked two steps and see a big old coon sitting in a tree looking at us. It is illegal to shine them in a tree unless the dogs are treed so I did not do anything. of course it is hard to explain to the boys why we cannot shoot it. Pretty soon one of the dogs notice the boys checking that tree over and gives a couple barks. Good enough for them and they keep yelling at me to shoot it. Danged coon had to drop out of the tree into the water. We did not want to get wet so we walked the bank down to a beaver dam and waited for it to float to us. The dogs would go in and bite and shake it but i couldn't get them to bring it to me. Sometimes they will.

    We kept on going and Amy, my main dog was on a good trail. I could tell it was a hot trail by how exited she was. She treed very hard on two big cottonwood trees growing next to each other. She was treed harder than a know. She was trying to climb the tree and biting the bark off and slobbering all over it. Both the trees were hollow as can be. I knew there was no chance of finding the coon but me and the boys looked for a long time. Finally gave up and led the dogs away and turned them loose again. Right back to the same tree. Did that 3 times each time leading them farther and farther. They kept going back to the hollow trees. That is a good thing cause you never want a dog to leave a tree but it is frustrating when you can't get the coon and want to keep hunting. We finally called it quits and went home and skinned out soggy coon. Going to scrape it and put it on a stretcher in the morning.
    Know what?

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    Sounded like a fun night, good for you and the boys Warpig!