Coon Hunt 3

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    Had been planning on going hunting on Christmas night but things did not work out. So tonight I met up with Mike at his house. He had is 13 year old daughter along (she filled her deer tag today) and his 7 year old son. I had my brother out-law along. He loves to hunt but was not raised that way. He is 20 years old and full of piss and vinegar so he is a good person to have along. It is below freezing so the coon will be holed up.

    The first place we went to we left the dogs in the trucks. It was a small place with hardly any trees. It had an old wooden corn crib that was full of ear corn. We crawed all over and found not a single thing.

    Second place there were a bunch of old buildings and a big tree grove so we let the dogs loose. We checked out the buildings while the dogs did their thing. We heard the dogs bawling way back in the grove and hightailed it out there. Just our luck - a hollow tree. We looked and looked but could not find a coon. We could see 3 different openings into the tree. Wish I had brought a camera Amy was way up in that tree bawling and barking. Thought she might be half monkey the way she climbed it.

    Next place was an old farm site with two trees and a barn on it. Left the dogs in the truck. In the top of the barn are 4 wooden grain bins where the loft would usually be. We have taken many many coon out of these bins. We do not know why, there is not a lick of grain anywhere on the place and only those two trees. But there are always coon holed up in those bins in the top of the barn. Sure enough we opened the first trap door and there were two coons. Let my brother out-law shoot them and the next bin had a huge old sow coon in it which Mike shot.

    The next place is another old favorite of ours. We had been there a couple times this year with no luck. There is a wooden corn crib full of ear corn. One good barn, one big shed and an ancient rock walled barn that is caving in. Of course the dogs treed right away in the barn that is caving in. We had been in it before and are afraid to go in it anymore. It literaly sways and creaks when you walk in the loft. For this same reason we will not go into the ground floor. Of course the dogs had no such reservations. They were treed hard in the south east corner. Barking upward, told us the coon was in the loft. We did get up the courage to go up on the caved in roof and found two coon hiding right above the dogs where the roof had fell down to meet the loft floor. Shot one and the other one took off running. It got into a huge pile of rocks that had caved in from the walls. We moved rocks for a bit and decided we would let that one go for seed. My good dog Amy was bleeding at her toes from trying to dig him out.

    Went home and fired up the furnace in the garage. Got 4 more on stretchers. Looked at Cointoss's and Blackgun's toothpicks and thought about getting them in the mail in the morning. Herby's coontails are drying out fine.

    Another good night in the cold of winter. Hope there are coonhounds in heaven

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    Warpig excellent, just remember the past, about things falling on you and what might happen. Do you ever have problems with your hounds on skunks or porkies around and in some of the old barns or traps?

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    Porkies in SD are in the west. None around here. I have had a dog cought in a trap twice. No damage done only their pride. Of course I was close by and let them go right away. Snares set for coyotes are the really scary thing. They would choke off the dog and you would never hear or find him. I do a little trapping myself and know the trappers in the area. We get along good and I know where they trap and they know where I hunt.

    Skunks are another matter. When I was a kid we used to go skunk hunting. I avoid them like the plague now. Every once in a while the dogs get one. Nothing like poking your head into a hole to find a coon and coming face to face with a skunk!

    The fastest service I ever seen from a hospital emergency room was when me and my buddy were skinning skunks 3 years ago. He cut the scent bag and in the process of puking stabbed his hand with his skinning knife. There was blood all over hell. The doctors and nurses stitched him up and had us out of there in about ten minutes. They were gagging we stunk so bad. It was truly a great moment They were in such a hurry they did not even wash his stab wound out. he got a staff infection that dang near did him in. The best part is he has a beautiful big white and black skunk hide hanging in his house.

    I was puking too bad to finish mine. One of these years I will get up the courage to do another one.
    We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans... -- Bill Clinton, US President (USA Today, 11 Mar 1993, page 2a)
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