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When measuring a certain volume charge (let's say for example 100 grains), should the container holding the charge be tapped on after the charge initially reaches the 100 grain level (to make it settle/compact) in the charge measuring device and then top off the device again by adding enough charge to bring it to the 100 grain level OR should the charge be brought to the 100 grain level (WITHOUT any tapping to make the charge settle) ?

I know that which ever method is chosen it should be done on a consistent basis but I am wondering what is the proper method to get a true 100 grain (volume) charge, i.e. compacted or not compacted.

Also, I know that the real best way would be to measure each charge by WEIGHT to have the most absolute consist measure(s) possible between charges.


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i know in the field its easier to measure by volume but powders vary , so guessing a different powders settled volume is just that , a guess

it pays to practice and compare

measure and tap as you would in the field bt pour it into your scales bowl and compare

then you know how much to adjust with a bit more accuracy

and you know for your powder you shoot

measure and compare 5 times and avg that is a pretty good start then a line on your measure and you'll know what each load really is ..

me a remake a charge with a cigarette paper i use as a wad and a ball in one end of the parcel

tear offthe ball end and pour the measured powder down the bore

put ciggy paper cross wise over bore and push in and ram till home

i use a small flask for priming the cup and ready ..

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I always do it by volume whether prepping speed tubes at the house or out in the field. Can't say I've ever weighed black powder.

I just use a brass measure that has a swivel funnel on top so if there's a bit of excess, it gets wiped off. But I tap mine just a bit, like you said, as long as you do the same thing every time, you will be fine.

it's not really that exact of a science with black powder, a grain isn't going to make enough difference.

Same with tamping the projectile/powder charge, try to tamp with the same amount of taps and pressure each time.
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