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(8/10/01 9:12:08 pm)
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I have read many things about corrosive ammo in my internet travels. some think its the devil some say its a cheap shooting ammo that can be taken care of with ease. Any suggestions on how to clean residue left over from the corrosive ammo. I have read that a 50/50 ammonia solution will take care of it. Is that true? Also does it really hurt the gun that much?

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(8/10/01 9:33:28 pm)
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Best thing to do is to strip the rifle down and pour boiling hot water through it, then dry and go through a normal solvent/oiling cleaning. The boiling water neutralizes the corrosiveness. Also, there is some military surplus corrosive bore cleaner out there on the market that works well.
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(8/11/01 12:12:54 am)
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Yup, Crusty is right -

Back in the brown boot Army, we used to strip down the M1's and take them into the shower heads with us in the barracks to strip the carbon and corrosive salts from the primers from the barrels and other workings. A little liquid dish soap doesn't hurt anything, either. Lots of guys simply get a bucket of real hot woate with some soap in it, place the muzzle down into the bucket, then use a bore brush with patch over it to act as a plunger and stroke the liquid up and down in the bore. The heat of the water, if hot enough, with dry the steel. Put a light coating of good gun oil on all exposed parts and that takes care of your corrosion problems.
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(8/11/01 6:57:05 am)
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I only shoot corrosive ammo in my boltguns and NEVER in my semi's. I've found that windex does a great job for me! I think it works for a few reasons 1)it's water based 2) it contains alot of ammonia 3) it also contains soap. So I keep a little bottle in my shootin' bag and while I'm STILL AT THE RANGE, I give the gun a good scrubbin' with windex (don't forget the boltface, etc.). Then I dry it an' wipe it down inside an' out with Liquid Wrench (about the best A.P. bore cleaner I've found).When I get home I give it the usual once over, with a different brush. Seems to work well for me! Sounds like alot of hassle, but once you get the system down it goes pretty quick.
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