Could Barry O'Drama be Nero Reincarnated?

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    For better or for worse, history often repeats itself. Great empires rise and great empires fall. Rome, in all her glory, eventually fell. Could the American Republic be repeating Roman history? Consider the election results of November 6 and decide for yourself. In a recent article, I wrote about Obama’s erie similarities to the Roman Emperor, Nero. In this article, I will give some specific comparisons between the Roman Emperor Nero (reigned Oct. 54 A.D. to June 68 A.D.) and President Obama:

    1. In 55 A.D. Nero became more powerful after his first year as emperor. He freed himself of his advisers and eliminated rivals to the throne. One way he achieved this was to remove Marcus Pallas from his position in the treasury. Pallas was eventually executed with others in 62 A.D. to consolidate power.
    Obama would love to be an emperor without any checks and balances. His arrogance tells all. We saw it during his radical first term. He wants the power to say who lives or dies in his own kingdom through Obamacare (euthanasia and abortion), and the other numerous government “big brother” programs.

    2. Nero often made executive orders, such as manipulating the tax structures, which pleased the lower class and kept his popularity high. The Senate, however, tried to convince him that it would bankrupt the treasury.
    Likewise, Obama keeps raising taxes to redistribute wealth from hard working Americans that are blessed enough to have a job. It fosters a “ let the government take care of us attitude.” The free ride won’t last long, however, with his plan to destroy capitalism. Once the inevitable collapse of government occurs, the moochers will riot in the streets. Just look at Greece. As Margaret Thatcher once said, “Socialism is a great idea until you run out of other people’s money.”

    3. Nero planned several projects that drained on the Roman State’s budget. In 64 A.D. Rome burned and the cost to rebuild was immense. It required funds from the state treasury it did not have. He devalued the Roman currency for the first time in the Empire’s history, reducing the silver purity in the weight of the denarius.
    Obama doesn’t seem concerned about America’s spiraling national debt. He taxes, spends, and prints more money. As a result, our currency is steadily devalued.

    4. Nero had a passion for sports and theatres. Nero began singing in public in 64 A.D. to improve his popularity. He ordered enormous gladiatorial shows and established the quinquennial Neronia. That festival included games, poetry and theatre. Historians indicate there was a belief that theatre led to immorality.
    Obama likes to make appearances on national late night talk shows to gain popularity and has many actors and actresses in Hollywood that support him. Many Hollywood films today are leading people to live immoral lives just because they “see it” in the movies and think that is the way people should live. Shouldn’t the president be more concerned about leading the people to live with higher moral standards?

    5. In 66 A.D. a Jewish revolt broke out in Judea over religious tension. Nero dispatched Vespian to restore order. Nero died in 68 A.D. but in 70 A.D. the Romans continued the persecution under Titus and destroyed the Second Temple of Jerusalem. Thousands of Jews were butchered and the temple never rebuilt.
    Obama doesn’t seem to be very friendly to Israel–a key U.S. ally. Nor does he care about the challenges Israel faces in the Middle East today. He recently declined to meet with current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The prime minister was concerned over his country’s safety due to neighboring nations with nuclear weapon capabilities. Instead of meeting with the Prime Minister, however, Obama chose instead to appear on a late night talk show.
    - Ray Vallorani