Covid hits home

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bigdog357, Jul 30, 2020.

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    Amen with BlackEagle. By Jesus strips we are heal. His blood is the cure.

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    Apr 22, 2018
    November 4, 2020 the [china] virus will suddenly go into hibernation

    heard immunity I think is what they call what u r explaining, agree 100%

    autoimmune boosters, I hate words I can't spell ")

    100% agree!

    late at night while sleeping, if some one wakes you with "FOUL BALL", don't take off the catchers mask!
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    Apr 22, 2018
    Praying brother Texan. Both my daughters are marketers for in-home healthcare. That is a job needing "Danger Pay". My wife and I have been watching our 8 year old grandchildren since the shut down. We are Christians and know that when it's time to check out, it's time and no one can stop it. Praying for PQTUS and the Generals to fix [china] and their comrades in OUR congress/senate. Spent my entire adult life defending the Republic, now the future leaders of America have been programmed from K-college to hate our land. DAM, gonna quit whining now. Praying for everyone to get well and for his will to be done on earth.....
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    Aug 24, 2019
    Prayers with.
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    Jun 14, 2020
    God bless and keep you. Stay strong. Get better. You'll be in my prayers. Gary
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    Nov 6, 2019
    Just an update - On day eleven last Friday finally got my results, I am positive. I had assumed it with my on going symptoms. I am feeling better, still get tuckered out quickly if I try to do to much. The Dr told me I was free to go back to work when ever i wanted to and I met the criteria of being symptom free. Was told I can go out in public as long as I am wearing a mask. I also ask about the possibility of becoming re-infected. Dr told me that I was good to go for about 12 weeks, by then the virus will have mutated into a new form and I could get it again - Great. My wife is still struggling with this and now we think her 91 year old mom may have it, she was tested last Thursday, still waiting for the results.

    Stay safe everyone, this is a nasty little virus that will steal away a good three weeks of your life.
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    Glad you're feeling better.

    Pretty sure that you'll be able to get it again until Nov. 4th.
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    1) Can you get COVID a second time? Or will you be immune?

    That may not be the right question. What appears to be happening is that COVID 19 can smolder from a primary infection possibly for months. What some folks appear to have as a "reinfection" may just be recurrent symptoms from their primary infection. It does not appear likely that folks are getting a secondary infection. This is further bolstered by the positive results of convalescent antibodies from those who have recovered from the illness. That also bodes well for any future vaccines now in development.

    2) There is evidence that many folks have cross reactivity with prior coronavirus infections with cross reactive antibodies. That may explain in part why there are so many asymptomatic cases.

    3) Children are not as susceptible in part due to ACE-2 receptors that are not as prevalent in children. (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme-2 receptor) The ACE receptors are a target for several common blood pressure medicines. Children do not have as many of these receptors and this is the chief entry mechanism. ACE-2 receptors are found in Lung, Kidney, Heart and other tissues. That leads to direct infection of those tissues and organs in some COVID 19 patients.

    Some researchers believe that the gene variations in people may be part of the individual variation of severity from this bug.

    I would be very careful using any NSAIDS such as Advil/Motrin/Naprosyn and other similar pain/antiflamatory medications. NSAIDS increase the risk of blood clots/Strokes/heart attacks. Blood clotting is also found in many that develop the autoimmune aspects of COVID 19 causing severe complications such as blood clots/strokes/heart attacks.

    In addition, as many as 20% of those hospitalized for COVID 19 develop acute renal failure. Adding NSAIDS increases the risk of making that acute renal failure to permanent renal failure an dialysis. There are risks of Tylenol but in this instance, Tylenol is probably safer. As in all things, discuss these things with your physicians.

    Lastly, we have learned much about COVID 19, but it still remains a mysterious and unique virus that is doing things we have never seen before. There is much left to learn but I would not say that medicine has no idea what they are doing. We have had the experience of millions of patients right here in the US in the last 6 months which has expanded the usual learning curves of novel viruses.

    But if you listen to the fake news debates on this virus and all of the misinformation and disinformation, then yes, it would appear as if no one knows what is going on with this bug, but that is not the reality 6 months into actively treating folks with this.
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    Nov 25, 2011
    Thanks for the update. Thanking God you are on the mend, and will add your MIL to the prayers.

    Just take it easy. Do enough to build yourself back up again but don't overdo it. Will pray for continuing healing.
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    Good Morning All.....Here on Monday, 10 August 2020, the contest of wills in Glendale Arizona
    ring supreme amongst the citizens hassling among themselves about the current medical
    troubles... Our Governor Ducey, in conjunction with noted medical authorities and even President
    Trump, dictates directives on business operations and now about schools opening.. Health
    business groups like the work-out gyms, have even resorted to law suits against the rulings.
    So very close to my wife and I is the next door neighbor ....his son updated me on his Fathers
    condition ...almost 2 weeks ago he was hauled to the hospital and currently he is in a coma
    and on the ventilator with bed sores having developed...sadly, there is little hope for him to
    recover...Tom is in his mid-60's....diabetic in a multi-family home with older
    and even, much younger occupants..Like I mentioned...right next door...mere feet away...street
    mailboxes butting right up together....trash cans tended to once a week sharing the same
    general, 'bump together' area.. Our daughter purchased us one of those scanning devices that
    takes one's temp on the forehead...been using that even before Tommy got infected...Sure
    enough, I'm very prone-shy that distance lends protection from any possibility of air-borne
    contamination ....So far we are okay...I am going to continue being cautious...warn relatives
    not to come visiting...have done that to church members already.. We pray for Tom and his
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    Feb 20, 2011
    Hang in there Bigdog. Had my test yesterday, but don't know the results yet. No systems just getting tested prior to a some type of procedure my doc. needs to do to me.
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    Goodness. Pray and hide out I guess.
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