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cowboy action loads / powder / large bore rifles

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i've heard this mentioned a few times but not paid enough attention to it.

heard it repeated again when I got my 45-70

I heard of some people using something like trailboss when they load for large bore stuff.. just to plink with. ie. 45-70, the 375/416 and larger stuff.

I really have not been able to turn up data on this with an internet search.. probably not sing the right keywords.

along with this was the mention of paper patching , patching on powder and buffering with cornmeal to fill the cartridge and keep powder at primer.

anyone care to expound on these ideas?

i like my large bore.. but due to some health problems and weight loss, i'm no longer able to shoot full power loads more than a couple shots. I use to go shoot 30-06 all day at the range. now 10 rounds is enough.

if I shoot my 375HH,mag, 7mmrem mag, 300 weatherby, 416 rigby or 458 winmag/lott it's 1-2 shots MAX sometimes 1 shot on the 4xx .

would love to hear about lighter loads to let me get range time.

same reason I now shoot 20glight auto 5 shotgun for clay vs 12 or 16.. :)


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go to and go to the data section and enter 45-70 (Trapdoor) You will get this data.

Brown Yellow Colorfulness Text Photograph
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i had been to their site but hadn't looked a tthe lower end trapdoor loads.


I see those loads are for the cast lead flats. I also have some jacketed soft points in 405g that I reclaimed... would those be suitable for those loads? ( ie.. loading copper at cast velocity? )

any problems there?
You can go lower with copper just can't get too high with lead or it will lead the bore reall bad.
cool, thank you!

Now I can shoot that 45-70 with those pulled copper jacket soft tips loaded low with trailboss and not dislocate my bony shoulder.. ;)

thanks again for the help.
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