Cracked Barrel on M1 Carbine

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    While cleaning my M1 I noticed that the barrel is slightly cracked. The crack is about a quarter inch long in I guess what is called the gas cylinder. It is in the piece that the gas piston nut screws into.

    I'm afraid to shoot it in this condition. Looks like the barrel assembly should come apart, but are they machined together? I really don't want to buy another barrel assembly if I don't have to.

    I work in a fabrication shop now and I was thinking about having it TIG welded back together. Any of ya'll ever had a gun TIGed? It will be stronger then it originally was, but I'm worried about the heat warping the barrel.

    Any ideas about how to correct this are welcomed. The gun is a M1 Carbine, the barrel is a 1942 Underwood, the receiver is a Inland Division around the 560,000 mark. The stock has a cut out in the left side by the receiver I was told that this was for selective fire. Guess that would explain the cracked barre. Thanks, Chad

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    Take it from a old welder, though tig is the best welding method on most items.....this ain`t one. I`m sure you know a little about this process, since you work around it. The reason tig works so well in certain welds, is because it concentrates heat in a smaller area and in carbon steel.....using straight polarity current. This will concentrate a hot spot on the barrel and being hollow thats even worse. This will be like heating spots on beams to create a camber or radius and will ruin the barrel. Best LTS

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    Thanks LTS I had my doubts, but needed a second opinion. Guess I'll start looking for a new barrel. Thanks again

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    Chad, are we talking M1 the little .30 caliber carbine. If so, I use carry one on hanger and aircraft line watch back in the mid 50s.

    If there is a new barrel and gas port in the future for you try Shotgun News,,, there is usually something like that offered in those places.

    Some gunsmith have converted these firearms into .44 magnum shooters, but cannot be very cost effective. But even so a 15 or 30 round magazine would be awsome in that caliber.


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    I remember a guy telling me about a repair to these barrels. I think the trick was to find a shot-out barrel with a good gas cylinder and cut most of the barrel away, and bore it out to fit over the existing barrel with the gas cylinder cut off. Sounds like it requires some turning of the existing barrel, but it was apparently quite popular when labor was cheap, and there were tons of surplus barrels around...